Open own website for free

Free opening of your own website

You can save your hard earned money and choose the cheapest package to start with. If you use the free tools and theme templates available on open source sites like WordPress, building a quality website is easy. The WordPress hosting package came with a free SSL certificate. Easy to understand step-by-step guide that teaches beginners how to create a website. Begin now with the best platform to create a marketplace website!

Build your own App Store

Versatile application programming interface (API) and custom build tools to build your own application stores in any application, website or portable application. With our development register, application submit, buy users and more developer application programming interfaces (APIs), it's simple to incorporate and help you reduce your coding and deliver more quickly. There is no need to maintain sophisticated application release or license management so you and your production teams can concentrate on your key products and your customer experiences.

With our custom apps and SDKs, it's simple to get started setting up your development portals and application stores. Receive and present your application submittals from your development team in your products, website or portable application. We' re continually upgrading you with the most important functions and the most important Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create a premier application development site. Be it intelligent referrals, release control or approval, you are always up to date and don't have to be an Apple Retail Professional (that's our job!).

"Had we been able to focus on the true eco-system partnership and construction programmes right from the start, rather than having to create our own versions of an application storefront on all the portable plattforms we support, we would have been able to double Box OneCloud's growth rate." Multilingualism and typographic tolerances across all contents, catagories and tagging mean your end user will get up-to-date results as they are typed, so they can easily find the applications they're looking for.

Accumulate revenues from the sale of applications and automate the distribution of disbursements to application development teams. Our products and services are available through a variety of different channels, such as subscription, free trial, free application and one-time payment. Stay informed about all important news in your Apple Retail App store. Use our onlinehooks to help you smoothly incorporate your application into your intranet.

A 99.9% up-to-date SLA and secure paying back structure lets you securely resize your application stores. Geodistributed and reactive server means you don't have to concern yourself with back-end setup and administration so you can concentrate on your products and meet your customers' needs. Featuring a full analysis machine, the Management Dashboard keeps you up to date on view, download, sale and exposure for all your applications, developer and user.

In addition, you (or another member of your team) can review, upgrade, approve, and disapprove all applications that have been posted to your app store by a developer.

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