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You can do anything with the free, responsive web templates. Meat Processing - A Free Restaurant Website Bootstrap Template. JanDoe - Free one-page portfolio website bootstrap template.

Free 25 open source website templates for easy customizations

Today, more and more individuals want to set up an on-line store or at least a great website for their portfolio or other idea and plan. However, over the years, everyone's expectation has grown and they prefer to see sites that offer great designs with full features and a heavy emphasis on contents and pictures.

All of us think that using templates for your website is the right way to create a professionally designed website, but that's not quite so. Many free website templates are available that provide advanced functionality and personalization to help you get unbelievable results for free! We' ve today compiled a shortlist of 25 of our most popular open source website templates that are extremely powerfull and simple to use.

So if you are just getting started with your store or want to try different looks and feature sets, you are welcome to take a look at our collection and find your favourite one! The Click is a very easy but unbelievably strong HTML5 website submission designed for the photographer.

The Click was developed and encoded with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 and jQuery for astonishing results. It is a single page design that will help you present your work and tell your stories to the rest of the group. Meatking is the ideal choice for you if you have a local grocery store or hospitality outlet and want to build a breathtaking and fully operational website.

Created with the fantastic Bootstrap webmework, this templates ensures that your website looks and works great on all types of equipment, screens and websurfers. You can even get CSS3 animation to help you build a website that sets you apart! The next item on our shortlist is Spectral - the HTML5 templates for every professional photography professional.

It' a great option if you want to build an eye-catching website where you can present your work professionally. The Spectral is built on the Skep frameworks and has a fully reactive and portable outline. Use Spectral for your own free project, whether your project is private or business!

If you are a contractor, a perfect organised and eye-catching website is a must if you want to win new customers. Take a look at JohnDoe - a free one-page portfoliosheet that has been made on Bootstrap and comes with a great look and many great functions. And you can even include some CSS3 and jQuery animation in your library!

So if you still haven't found the HTML5 templates for your idea and project, we think Boxer might be a good choice for you. A great page layout that' s great for any kind of web page display. It' been built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap, so you get many great features for free!

The Robot Factory is a great multi-page artwork that can be used successfully and at no cost for your presentation! Made with Bootstrap, this artwork comes with a breathtaking look and many useful functions that will make your job a lot simpler. Are you a tourist agent or other travel-related individual looking for the perfect HTML5 bootstrap templates to help you create a great website for your company, then you've come to the right place.

If you want to build a fully reactive website that stands out from the masses, Euro Travel is the ideal option! The next on our shortlist is Ghughu, a very easy but high performance bootstrap pattern specifically developed for start-up agents. Feel free to use this free downloadable tool to make your project and idea come alive!

Developed and encoded with HTML5, Bootstrap 3, CSS3 and jQuery, Ghughu gives you the assurance of getting results that are professionally made. It has a clear but efficient look with a wide range of colors and fonts, as well as an astonishing user interface and interface. This is FrontEnd, one of the best bootstrap business templates that can be used for innumerable applications for free!

It' s extremely nimble and easy, which means you can use the same free templates to get innumerable different results. Airspace is another great example of a totally free bootstrap artwork - this great artwork has been developed specifically for agents. It' s such a multi-faceted piece of furniture that we are sure you can use it for private or corporate portfolio or any other type of company.

Are you looking for the flawless one-sided bootstrap artwork for your application? Here is a fully reactive landing page submission for your next application. Feel free to browse and print this pattern for any ideas or projects you have in your minds. Although it is a free website submission, it contains many advanced functions and items that will help you build a professionally designed website that meets all your needs.

So if you are looking for the most advanced and efficient bootstrap templates that you can use for free, we suggest you take a look at Sulfer. The Sulfer has a very minimalist but efficient styling that helps you get your website up and run in just a few mins! Made with HTML5, Sulfer is highly recommended for any portfolios, agencies, entertainment or anyone who wants a website that is both attractive and fully featured!

And here comes another great example of a fully reactive custom application built with Bootstrap 4, free to use, named Best of Breed. Offering a breathtaking one-page design and many functions that will help you to make an memorable event for your customers and your guests. Made with HTML5 and Bootstrap 4, this templates has a fully reactive and portable design that can adapt to your needs and wishes!

The next item on our agenda is this astonishing bootstrap artwork designed specifically for small start-ups and business owners. Moutain is extremely simple to use and it will give you the opportunity to build a great website very quickly and easily. You can use this high-performance tool for anyone, whether they have programming or not.

Massive is our suggestion for every programmer who just starts his first blogs and wants to try it out and build a very simple and efficient website. Massive gives you the opportunity to build a great blogs where you can tell your stunning tales to the rest of the family.

Offering great styling choices and a fully reactive lay-out that's portable and easily customizable. Mad Two is the award-winning HTML5 enterprise website that you can use for free to build beautiful and fully featured sites for your company. We' re sure you won't need anything else after seeing the amazing styling choices and amazing functionality this free submission has to offer!

The Made Two also comes with a fully reactive design that works flawlessly regardless of your machine or monitor area! When you are looking for the ideal HTML5 website submission that converts traffic into prospective customers readily, we recommend you take a look at Invention. It is the ideal option for any imaginative and unorthodox website you can think of.

Exigo is another great example of a free HTML5 portfoliosheet. The Exigo will also look great on any portable phone thanks to its fully reactive and versatile layouts! Are you looking for a great one-page website submission that provides both good looks and great features then you've come to the right place.

Designed with HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and jQuery, Vira offers a fully reactive look and feel and many other premier features. Feel free to browse and free to apply this sample to your own project, whether your project is private or business! The Volcan is a very advanced and efficient bootstrap style sheet designed for developer and designer.

It' an open source HTML5 submission that works perfectly if you plan to build a great custom web site where you can share your work with the whole globe! It is highly recommended for any web developers, designers, artists, graphics designers and any other creator who wants to make a great website for free!

When you are constantly looking for the flawless CV and CV templates for your prospective website, don't look any further! AirCV is a fantastic custom bootstrap product that' s totally free of charge, and we strongly recommend you take a look at it! Keenthemes has carefully engineered and crafted this great article to help you build a great CV in just a few toutes!

This is Conference Lite - a totally free edition for a very cute and fully featured website presentation for event. The COnference Lite comes with a fully reactive and mobile-ready design and a variety of customisation tools to help you get results for free! Made with Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, this great design is sure to give you a lot of functions and more!

The Dolphin is one of the best multi-purpose page templates that can be used free of charge for private or business use. The HTML5 Bootstrap templates come with a sleek look and many adjustment functions that will make your job a lot simpler. But if you still haven't found the right portfolios for your work, Rabbit is your response.

It' incredibly flexible and simple to use, this tool will help you get results at no cost! And last but not least, it's OnePage Lite - the ideal choice if you want to get your company off to a great start with a great website! It has a great one-sided look that can be used for free for myriad uses and web sites!

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