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Analytics. It'?s open sources. It'?s open sources.

Simply, openly, Web analytics. Owned under the GPL, OWA offers website publishers and web analysts basic ways to easily extend web analytics capabilities to their web pages using basic Javascript, PHP or REST-based APIs. OWA is also available under the GPL. The OWA also provides built-in assistance for tracing Web pages created with common Web site authoring tools such as WordPress and MediaWiki.

OWA is supported by the OWA Fellowship of writers, editors, users und collaborators. In order to gain acces to the web page, click on your web browser: It is a maintanance released that fixes a safety risk found in queue.php. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version or deactivate the use of the waiting list. If it is not needed, please use phone ending point above.

You can find further information in the SAP Releases. It fixes some possible safety problems. After you install this version, you must run the command CLI-Update because the fix will try to make some changes to your owa-config. php files. It is necessary to address exploits when executing Oracle Watcher on certain configuration of your application.

In addition, the release includes an enhanced background events queue system that makes it simpler to maintain a multi-server OWA install. For more information, see the SAP Library information. A number of issues in the 1.5 x x serie of distributions have been fixed in this service release. These issues have been fixed. For more information, see the SAP Library information.

A number of bugfixes in the 1.5 x x serie of 1.5 x serie are fixed in this service version. For more information, see the SAP Library information. Some errors are fixed in this service version, among them a possible racing-condition during installation via the WordPress plug-in. For more information, see the SAP Library information. A number of errors and problems related to operational-level permission control are fixed in this service release. 3.

In addition, the version features the Sites Roster Reports (which is also the new home page for reporting) and WordPress Multi-Site installation assistance. For more information, see the SAP Releases. Please see the full version guide for all gods included in this version. User-defined variables - it is now possible to create and save up to five user-defined attributes for all kinds of track event (page views, meetings, mouse klicks, actions etc.).

User-defined tags can be defined for a unique trace query, for all queries that form a unique session/visit, or for all unique userviews. Segmentsation - it is now possible to create results for a particular part of your users. Before each filter or grouping function, you apply this segmentation to the results quantity and get a real fragmented dataset that you can work with.

As of this releas, you can only apply segment results to results using the dataset accessing API. For more information, see It is now possible to turn any type of reporting into "live" dashboards that constantly refresh as new track event occurs. Outcome set filtration - results set filtration has always been possible by using restrictions via the Datenzugriffs ABAP Interface, but it is now possible for Analysten to apply filters to the dates in each datagrid shown in each GUI reported.

Many more metric and dimension combinations - the number of metric and dimension combinations that can be used to create results has been significantly increased in this version. Standalone Track Mode - it is now possible to use only a partial set of OWA's tracking-mode. Now you can for example select whether you only want to use OWA to track klicks and create heat maps, or whether you just want to record and play back mouse/dome stream, or whether you just want to use OWA to track page action.

Before this version, you had to keep a record of all page impressions and meetings in order to use one of the other trace mode. You can now select whether you want to follow any combinations of tracing or not. Exclusion of specified URLs - it is now possible to omit certain URLs to be followed via the general interface or via the new excluded_ips format.

Anonymization of IP adresses - it is now possible to anonymous IP adresses by deleting the last ct before saving them in the databank. The complete listing can be found in the release note. Site / Username Controls - You can now restrict report and information sharing to individual users. Zero Release Notes on how to upgrade your OWA instances to the new one.

I would like to thank the whole OWA comunity for their help and assistance with this version.

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