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Opening the website online

Perform a free website speed test from anywhere in the world with real browsers at consumer connection speeds with detailed optimization recommendations. The URL Opener is a web tool to open multiple URLs simultaneously. You can use this free website speed test to analyze the loading speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster.

Anonymous Online Proxy

Several advantages are associated with surfing the web via an online proxies. The online anonymized proxies allow you to generally connect to any site, even those that are locked, such as instagra, Facebook...buzzfeed, etc., as well as browse the online store....... You can also re-establish your site's accessibility to websites that are limited by website owners' filtering preferences.

Although not all online web properties fully endorse YouTube and facebook, you can be sure that our online anonymized facesbook web proxy servers do. If they are obstructed by your webmaster, you can find your way around and take advantage of these advantages.

If you are surfing the web, you are leaving your "footprints" everywhere, but this is not the case if you are using online proxies or VPN. You know, there are guys out there who do damage and they steal your data, and with the help of the proxieserver you can avoid that. Because you can be sure that you are not traceable and that all the websites you have visited cannot be traceable to you.

And the best thing about an online web proxies is that it is free. So you can use all advantages of the proxyserver without incurring expenses. Or you can verify our Youtube proxies here.

Opener URL - mass URL opener for multiple links or websites

Get a whole range of different addresses at once! Insert your own URLs in the box below and click Submit. Click Open All (appears) to view all Web sites at once, or open each individual Web site separately. It is recommended that you set your web browsers to open new tabbed pages (this is the procedure).

The URL Opener is a basic but useful production utility that allows explorers, analysts, SEOs or any website user to lock open web addresses from a web site link or text pad listing. Copying and pasting from a single file, spread sheet, or any kind of web page; or enter a dropdown menu of domains and pathways to quickly get to a large number of hyperlinks.

More than 6.2 million visitors have used the URL Opener over 22 million since 2010. Keeping track of what your website contains can be useful for both expert and novice SEOs, as they try to sort out poorly placed sites and encourage goodies. You can use the URL opener to make sure that your site has deleted hyperlinks to spamming or inferior material.

Do you need to drag a dropdown from a page that only contains anchors? The URL Opener was not initially designed as an URL Opener but has been used as such several time in the past.

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