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Whatsapp open

This app allows you to open a chat in the Whatsapp with any number, even if you don't want to add it to your contact list. There are two things you need to open a WhatsApp account: To start, open any chat, tap the + > Location icon, and tap Share Live Location.

Opening in WhatsApp

You can use this application to open a Whatsapp conversation with any number, even if you don't want to include it in your contacts page. With just one click, you can open the instant message with any number Whatsapp has. Characteristics: Authorizations used: It uses an offical whatsapp API to open a conversation with any number you type without creating it as a connection on your machine.

Download WhatsApp

Normally the beloved WhatsApp is only used on portable device (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but with the latest versions for Mac and PCs you can use it from your own desktops! The only thing you need to do is just download and run the WhatsApp application so you can talk to your buddies directly from your Mac or Windows workstation.

Perhaps you already knew WhatsApp Web - the release that you can use in your Web browsers. The WhatsApp for Personal Computer is exactly the same, but you don't have to open a webbrowser to use it. The WhatsApp for Personal Computer is very similar to the portable edition of the application, so it won't take you long to learn how to use its features on a day-to-day basis.

It has everything you'd want (only on a bigger screen) and includes options for chatting, sending and receiving pictures, sending and receiving document and memos, creating and managing groups, changing your image, etc. Yes, although WhatsApp for PC is an optional feature that makes your PC a little simpler from now on, it's not something that will be replacing your portable in the near future.

To use the computer edition of the application, you must first use your portable QR scanner to capture the QR on your computer, just like WhatsApp Web. Once the password has been scanned, the WhatsApp email address you register on your cell will be linked to the new one on your computer and you can begin to chat!

Option in the desktops are nicely designed (reminiscent of WhatsApp for Android). True enough, it doesn't take much trouble on your part to find everything you need and is just a delight to chat much quicker thanks to the keypad. And if you have a cam and/or mic, you can also broadcast photos/videos/audio clips.

A further strength of the personal computer is that the speed of connection to the web is usually higher than that of the cell phones, so transferring files is much easier and much more convenient. WhatsApp for PCs works well all in all, but it depends entirely on your cell phones. While you can talk directly from your computer, your portable must always be on.

This restriction puts it behind its competitors such as LINE and Telegram, which each have their own standalone desktops. While WhatsApp customers have been asking for a long time for a desktops release, they do have it even though it's not 100% what they expected. Even though the release works very well and provides almost all the same functions as the portable release, it does not have one of the most important - the capability to work autonomously.

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