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The steps to log in to WordPress. In order to access the WordPress Dashboard, all you need to do is add /wp-admin to the end of the URL where you installed WordPress. Enter the user name and password that you used to install WordPress. For Managed WordPress accounts, learn how to get to the WordPress Dashboard so you can edit your website. By default, however, the menu items are always opened in the same browser window/tab.

Like to open in a new WordPress tabs exterior menus left?

If you create a Menu using WordPress, you can choose that a Menu point points to an outside page by including a custom shortcut. The destination of this hyperlink can be changed so that it opens in a new web page. To do this, you must activate an optional extra, which is below the Navigation Labels box of the submenu and has the name "Open shortcut in a new tab", as shown in the following screenshots.

This means that if this item is not displayed, it is not selected in the item. Just do the following to enable the option: Click the Page Options button in the upper right hand corner that appears on the Administration window menus. Enable the "Link Target" checkbox to display the "Open click in a new tab" checkbox.

In WordPress how to fix "Are you sure you want to do this"?

What is the best way to open WordPress menu items in a new window/tab?

WordPress allows you to quickly build customized dashboards using your WordPress Dashboard (if your WordPress themes support it). However, by standard the menue points are always opened in the same browsing window/tab. If you want to open WordPress components in a new pane, what should I do? Here you will find a short introduction on how to open the main page in a new webpage.

If you add regular hyperlinks to your posts or pages contents, you would probably simply use the target="_blank" hyperlink to open hyperlinks in a new web page, for example: However, you will find that you cannot do this only for the WordPress menus. Good tidings are that there is an optional way to open the menus in a new browsing window/tab.

You can find this in your WordPress dashboard under "Appearance =>Menus" if you select the "Link Target" checkbox in "Screen Options", as you can see in this video: If you have activated this, every WordPress entry has the possibility to open the links in a new webpage.

It' especially useful if you want to include outside hyperlinks to your WordPress user-defined pull-down list. If you no longer need the options, you can simply fade them out using the "Screen Options" in the top right hand part of the window. For more information about user-defined WordPress menu, read the WordPress Codex or this tutorial:

Creating a custom menu in WordPress.

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