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Book OpenTable As an OpenTable subscriber, you can make OpenTable bookings to your portable website so that your portable users can make bookings directly from your website. In order to use the OpenTable function, perform the following operations. Locate the OpenTable Widget in the Contents pane Store Categories and drop the Widget where you want the OpenTable icon to appear on the Web site.

You will also have a place where you can type in your Restaurants ID (or RID) so we know OpenTable for which restaurants your bookings have been made. When you don't know your Restaurants ID, you can find it by following these steps:

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Enable your guests to make bookings in your restaurants directly from the web. OpenTable function will add a reserve key that will connect to your existing OpenTable accounts. You can register for one if you don't have an OpenTable user name. OpenTable needs a restoration ID to work.

OpenTable provides you with this ID. Every OpenTable item has the following viewing options: Modify the text of the pushbutton and the restoration ID. Modify the symbol of the pushbutton. Changing the colour is possible in the upper right field. Modify the wallpaper colour, the picture and the edge of the buttons. Switch between shadows, round edges, and whether to show an button symbol.

Textstyle: Modify the text styling of the icon. Specify the item's elevation, cushioning, and border. Sets the orientation of the item (left, right or centered).

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simplepic id=25 w=400 h=240 float=right]We are happy to launch a free of charge website that makes it easier for our restaurants' clients to optimise their sites for portable use. With the new feature, restaurants will benefit from the huge move to cell phones by making restaurants' web sites more user-friendly and feature -rich on smart phones.

DudaMobile's supported services are fast and simple to use and the before-and-after results are dramatically without compromising the look and feel of the restaurant's website.

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