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Choose the desired background image for your OPPO telephone, you can also obtain other topics and background images online. Can be used for all OPPO smartphones. Modify the background image and design on your OPPO smartphone.

Choose the background image you want for your OPPO telephone, you can also get other topics and background images on-line. Can be used for all OPPO phones. If you are using colorOS 5.1, go to [Settings] >[Homescreen & Lockscreen Magazine] > Switch to [Lockcreen Magazine & Wallpaper] and click [Set wallpaper]. If you have other version ofolorOS, go to [Settings] > [Display & Brightness] >Switch to activate [Lock Display Magazine & Wallpaper] and click [Set Wallpaper].

Then click Photographs and choose your favourite picture from the Photogallery. When you want to dowload backgrounds on line, click Wallpaper, and then click Dowload More to access the Topic Memory. It is also possible to click Topic Memory directly on the home page. You can click on a picture in your photogallery or load a new one from the topic memory and click on Accept.

Or, press to enlarge and reduce to fit the picture on the monitor. Select Define as to define the background picture as your home or lock screens. On the Home Screen, click Topic Memory, and then click Topics at the bottom of the window. To display all available topics, scrolling down displays the topics.

Choose the version you want, click Download, then click Apply and allow a few seconds for the changes to take effect. In the Topic Store, click in the upper-right part of the window, and then click Edit. Choose the topics and background images you want to remove, and then click Remove. Alternatively, you can organize your downloads under[Files] >[All Files] >[Designs].

Simply click [Subscribe] and you will receive background image choices that interest you most. It changes every and every times you lock and release your mobile and when you swing it from one side to the other.

ColourOS for 700 Plus

Beautiful subject! Personally I don't like that the navigational menu/application key has been converted into a seek symbol and while typing the back key becomes 3 points (options like). All the symbols are coloured blue. Proposal for a perhaps new topic: Do you have a way to design with the entire preference pane in the dark backdrop instead of the blank one?

In addition, I'd really like the whole scroll bars to get slimmer, with the navigational symbols beginning 1 pixels above the dark steady rest (the one that gives the appearance of a larger screen). The new Android navigational symbols would be a great thing! Thanks again, the fast setting will fall down / alerts look very stupid!

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