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of Oregon, United States of America time zone location map borders. Indiana's big time zones debates are returning as some legislators urge the entire state to focus on time.

Several Indiana legislators are pressing to change the state to the central time zones. On Tuesday, the Senate Homeland Security and Transportation Commitee adopted a motion to investigate what time zones the Indiana shire should have. Currently, most of Indiana is located in the eastern time zones, while 12 districts in the southwest and northwest are located in the central time zones.

Dissolution is not a pledge to pledge to the central time zone, but a pressure on a preliminary research group to investigate the problem, Senator Greg Walker, R-Columbus, wrote. Resolutions list the recent three-hour time shift from California and the effects of "excessive dawn darkness" on schoolchildren as grounds for Indiana to consider the change.

Part of Tennessee and Kentucky and all of Alabama falls under the central time zone. The Indiana in its totality was in the Central Time Zone until 1965, when the Interstate Commerce Commission split the state into Eastern and Central Time. It has since been the object of regular debates and some countries have changed time zone.

The legislature came back to this subject in 2005, but only to determine that Indiana should adhere to summer time. Wanderer said some legislators could still recall how challenging this debate was, and less willing to discuss time zoning changes again. There were five members who agreed with the suggestion to investigate the move to the central time area.

Senator Blake Doriot, Syracuse Republic's Senator, said he was voting against the measure because Eastern Standard Time is what works best for his precinct.

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