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Origin Theme is a lightweight and minimal WordPress starter theme that strikes the perfect balance between code, design and supported features. attributes The Origin is a sleek and sleek design with an appealing lay-out for better presentation on portable device - smartphone and tablet. It is based on the Hybrid Core Frameworks and adopts its own well organised programming practice, making it an ideal base for further customisation and developments. Its thoughtful typeface and generous lay-out make it a fixed choice for the blogger who wants to provide their visitor with a comfortable and unhindered read-only experience.

The Origin Theme - WordPress Start Theme for Designers & Developers

An awesome launcher theme is the basis for any WordPress page. Origin Theme is a light weight and minimum size theme frame for starters. This provides the ideal equilibrium between coding, styling and functions it supports. Finding the right equilibrium for a beginner's theme is no simple matter. When you' re looking for a WordPress launcher theme that isn't excessively sophisticated, but more pep than just the underline theme, Origin is just the thing.

Origin provides support for all current WordPress key functions, as well as user-defined logos and the Theme Customizer. Stiles and skripts are light -weight, resulting in extremely quick loading time. The theme also enhances the Jetpack suite and user-defined testimonial mail type and works with the WooCommerce and Gravity Forms plug-ins.

Each large WordPress page begins with an Origin theme. Believe us, this subject is fantastic. Change designs in the WordPress Customizing in near-life! These designs were made for self hosting WordPress web pages. When you have a WordPress.COM blog, you must buy the WordPress.com theme or host the theme.

Clients who have created great WordPress sites with the Origin theme. Begin with the Origin theme to build your website! Our Theme Set Up Services will help you with the manual installation of WordPress, your Theme and some important plug-ins. We' ll also be installing demonstration contents, setting up your theme choices, uploading your logos, changing backgrounds and more!

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