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Their choice for professional and affordable website templates. On my website offered free web templates are original (i.e. I create them all by hand).

Bypassing the Bending Wizard to create original website templates

Every single one of our templates is created and filled with many extra options and functions. Browsers and devices across the board test. These templates are engineered to give you full power, with the agility you need to make your site stand out. Enjoy the ultimate in HTML5, CSS3 and mobile-optimized designs.

Our site offers several hundred templates for Expression Web, Dreamweaver and HTML-Editor. Our templates are all portable and quick to respond. No matter if you are looking for something simple and fashionable or something classical and stylish, something full-fledged or something smaller (like our one-page templates) to base on, we have the ideal pattern for you.

We did the hard lift so you can have a website that looks just as good on a telephone or tray as it does on a computer running a computer on your computer screen or your notebook.

Twenty content focussed free magazine website templates

Journals are full of content, they contain all kinds of content on their website. Publishers need to be able to manage all this content and present it in an elegant way without compromising the readership. To start a web designing and developing with so many criterias will be a timeconsuming task for you, that's why we've gathered in this listing to help you find some of the best free website templates for journals.

These free website templates help you organise your website's editorials in an elegant way so that users can find important information quickly and efficiently. In order to give you a new inspirational, we have also compiled web site templates with contemporary style trending, review them all. We' ve tried to give you all the features and functionality you need to create a website submission for magazines.

Because most of the functionality is bundled, the amount of adaptation you can make to your templates is greatly decreased. Using the clear homepage layouts of this templates will help you to emphasize important themes alongside other content. Intelligently designed to handle both text and rich media content.

Advertisements are one of the most common monetisation possibilities for all magazines websites, in the standard artwork of the artwork we have reserved room for you to insert advertising-banner. When you perform live podcasts, you can also use this preset to split your show, we have a dedicated place for it in our standard theme itself.

It' also an HTML5 website templates so you can effortlessly insert your own media assets. Sport news is a multi-purpose website submission for substantive websites. You can use this free sample for both newscast and journal use. Your homepage's design is clearly segmented, so that you can simply group the corresponding information.

Every sector offers you room to emphasize the important theme in this particular group. The Homepage Lookout also includes the Picture Roundabout options to encourage the users to view themes. Animated animations are smooth and are applied only in the desired places, allowing the viewer to experience the content without distraction.

This is the default page for you if you have a page that contains different sections. An intelligent layout of this pattern will help you to present all your messages clearly on the homepage. Clean segmentation of the content allows the users to stay longer on your website, they will find the content easy.

A lot of empty spaces are used so that the homepage doesn't look awkward even with so much content. Designers have grouped the content groups using colour tagging so that the users can easily find the interesting content between the content groups on the homepage. Rather than using page breaks, this style sheet uses an ajax-like auto loading feature.

Whilst some people may not favor this auto loading feature, it can cause your website to become a little slower. However hey, this is an simple to adapt website submission, basing on your needs you can adapt it slightly. AVISON is a fashionable, stylish website management game. Rather than following the same old daring designs with horizontally flashed messages, this one follows a new one.

Incorporating a bright, fashionable colour theme, classy font boldiness and great motion graphics, this design anchors visitors to your website. At the top of the page you have a large slide bar for your favourite headlines and at the top of the page you have room to highlight the headlines.

In the upper navigational pane you have the possibility to insert statistics, in the right hand pane you have a finder pane. You can use this preset to attach content from favorite websites such as Youtube and Vimeo, or you can attach content directly to the website.

Magazin, as the name suggests, it's a real website site website submission from the heart. Because of the clear and concise lay-out of this pattern a large amount of data can be processed without any problems. Although it is a full width website pattern, the table of ingredients is correctly placed to make it easy to use. Actually, the magazinemodel follows a two-column theme, so that you can display a large number of your own messages on the homepage.

You have set up an area with three tile headers to display topnotes. Instagram is used extensively by message broadcasters, especially technical message broadcasters, for the purpose of achieving market recognition. There is a lot more room in the bottom row area, so you have plenty of room to include important hyperlinks along with the Instagram widget.

This is a colourful multi-purpose website templates that you can use as a website for magazines or as a blogsheet. Featuring a clear, full-width look, this style sheet gives you ample room to easily attach your content and large web items. Standard layouts for this templates place more emphasis on rich media content than text content on the home page.

A lot of whitespace is used in this pattern, which will help you prevent the awkward look on the content-rich homepage. Most of the times you create mail pictures for the item, this is the artwork for you. Although the homepage follows a brick-like layout, it is quite erratic, so that you can emphasize the important articles with the large cubes.

There is another fashionable looking website design in this free website design library. It is full of motion graphics from the headline to the bottom. While scrolling down, you get flight tickets from the bottom of your computer display, some of you may or may not like it, but you can slightly modify that.

It uses the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, the best part for developer is that this templates follows the internationally accepted web design coding standards. Thus, designers will find working with this pattern child's play. A beginner can also use this model with ease and study a great deal.

On the homepage of this magazin presentation, the content can be grouped and presented to the user in an elegant way. These grouping layouts are intended to help you find the current theme in each of the categories. You can use this site as a side bar to attach your banner ads and other links to your favorite Themes.

Magnews, from the name itself you can clearly see that this pattern was developed especially for magazines and message categories. Therefore, you get out of the box all the important features that you would normally expect out of a newsgroup website mask and more. It follows a default message site design that you have seen on many top newsgroups.

And the best part of this is that you get a pixel-perfect look, followed by top free newsletter pages. Animations are slim and quick, so the animated effect will give the viewer a smooth look and feel. Again, this pattern follows a category pattern, but in a different lay-out. When you are about to run a member site, take a look at our Dashboard Templates library, which helps you keep your members simple.

TeGazette is a great submission for message sites to divide the messages when they occur. However, the flexibility of this pattern makes it also suitable for the pattern of magazines websites. Like most other free website templates in this free website listing, this one is optimised for advertisements and banner advertisements to help you make easy money.

You will not get an organised layout with this templates, because the homepage of this templates is based on a categories-day-base. Directly below the top area, you have a dedicated area for the addition of content. The Bold is a basic website submission that follows a minimum outline. It' a versatile website submission, the standard look of this submission makes it also great for magazines sites.

The majority of style typefaces end in a phase of low legibility, but the typefaces used in this document are both styleful and easily readable. The Original is a fully featured HTML5 website templates with many useful functions. Although this submission is conceived for Blogger in the first place, it has many useful functions to help creating an efficient website site blogging submission.

So if you're just getting started with your Magazin website or changing from start-up to next tier, this is the best option for you. Use the original website templates to create a step-by-step virtual experience for your current visitors. It is a purely image-focused website submission with plenty of room for pictures.

Be sure to take pictures with large sizes so you can take full advantage of this wonderful website submission. A fully extended Instagram merry-go-round effect Widget is located in the bottom line, which you can adjust as needed. As a matter of principle, Mandne's website templates are always geared towards managing the amount of content efficiently and organising it clearly so that the users can find the desired content quickly and efficiently.

It is this function that makes this website a great option for magazines. Drone's pattern follows a sophisticated web site layout with a contemporary colour theme and attractive surface. Because it' s a website templates, you get more web items and symbols that can be useful for you in the near term.

Once again, this is also a multi-media, content-oriented website presentation with plenty of room for pictures as text elements. Animations are also used in this pattern to create a look and feel that matches the look and feel of the pattern and improves usability. The Sasha is a set of minimum looking website templates.

Although it is a free website submission, the author of this submission has provided us with five homepage variants with different layout. When you run a web design company or free-lance web designer, you will find this templates very useful for your work. They can even use this template(s) for business use, but you'll have to spend a little money for that, compare to other premier website templates in ThemeForest, the amount you spend here is less.

Exactly as in the Premier website templates, this templates gives you more variation for all important pages. When you think about migrating this to WordPress, you can simply do so, the templates pack itself gives you different mail sizes, so it will be useful for you in the design part.

Articles is a neat, content-oriented website submission. It is a tool that handles both rich media and text alike. Animated animations are also applied cleanly on this pattern, it is only used at the desired location to emphasize the message and attract the user's interest. There' s room in the side bar to include your favorite tag, category, video, and galleries as well.

All in all, the item is a fully functional website submission from the frontend, all you have to do is take good care of the backend. Use Blogger as a basis and build your own website for magazines. Using this pattern you get only the design of a contemporary homepage.

Contents are logically arranged so that the users can get the desired contents with ease. You can also use this multi-purpose website templates as a website templates for your website. Designers have used the colour theme throughout the design, which will help you keep your website consistent with the brands.

They use this format to divide the groceries they find with tasty pictures. The clear format makes your pictures more vibrant. Even optical specialities are cleanly implemented in this pattern in order to do justice to the professionally designed work. The Bona is a Pinterest website submission.

Using this model, the designers have just divided the fundamental concept of a magazin. Using this as a basis, you need to create your own customized website. Clearly arranged layouts allow you to add pictures and text. In order to do justice to the simplicity of the pattern's styling, the colours used are also milder.

The News Times is one of the best free online magazines website templates. It is full of pictorial effect, but is correctly resized and only used in the desired places, making it one of a kind. Featuring a full-width theme, this style sheet gives you ample room to attach large web items and content.

One small weakness with this pattern is the text layout, it' great to read with this pattern, but in some places on the home page it looks inept. You can use this preset to get many useful widgets to split your events messages. As with most advanced website templates, this one is portable and optimised for performance.

One of the most suitable templates for messages and magazines is ExpressNews. It has a clear, easy and fat look that most reviewers enjoy on a magazines website. Directly below the top navigational panel, you have a flash newsletter item to display your current event. The Motive Mag is a well-structured website submission.

There is a side bar in the body area that helps you easily attach advertising material and form without disrupting the body.

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