Original Wedding Themes

Genuine wedding themes

Inventive wedding themes | Ideen inspiriert von Paar Interessen Marriages are basically a ceremony of loving and dedicating two persons and how better to mirror a couple's lives together than to organise the ceremony on the basis of their common interests and interests. Below are a few original and original wedding themes that will delight you. The majority of marriages will have some kind of amusement, be it a concert or a DJ.

Yet for those who love making a musical link, this link to musical events can be easy and make for an memorable one. Booking your favourite night out for the wedding reception, rent a ribbon to ensure your enjoyment, and adorn with leaflets and poster with stylised pictures of the wedding couple reminiscent of celebrated cover art.

An automatic camera with step-by-step and repeated backlighting can even bring a hint of musical price glare and shine to the process. Your personalised CD with your favourite songs and pictures taken at the wedding is a great way to make your wedding parties a special experience for your friends. Why not celebrate the wedding in a favourite galery when the couple shares a passion for visual arts?

Considering the type of gallery, no decorations may be necessary, but a vinylic flag or printing by the groom and spouse - stylised after her favourite painters or artists - can make sure that this precious memento occupies its place among the other items. Of course, many marriages offer wines as a refreshing treat, but for those who want to make them even more memorable, moving the wedding ceremonies or receptions to a nearby vineyards can bring the point home.

Decorate with country-style vine colours such as salvia, pinot blanc and soil colours and offer a winetasting instead of - or in combination with - an open air snack bars. Favours such as an elegantly designed jar, corks, wine stopper or a flask of your favourite wines in a beautifully carved crate will make the guests think back to the occasion - perhaps with a jar of one.

The most interesting hobby for a wedding is - believe it or not - to play a game of golfer. Give the participants "Scorecards" instead of a guestbook and ask them to send a message to the bride and groom. The wedding under the motto of photographing can provide a wealth of memoirs of the wedding celebration and the welcome.

Add single-use or Polaroid camera, photographer' s cabins all around every guest's desk and use many flags and individual backgrounds with a special hash tag imprinted on them to facilitate imagetaging. Are you looking for original wedding themes?

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