Outer Space Themed Restaurant

Thematic Restaurant in Space

View the latest construction progress for the new Table Service Restaurant in Epcot. Spatial restaurant lands in the future world at Epcot We announced last summers that Epcot is currently planning a unique, spacious restaurant, offering our customers stunning dining and views from high above ground. Today we are pleased to inform you that this restaurant will be established in a recently opened area between the missions of the park:

Spectacular SPACE and test track attraction. Upon completion, the restaurant invites visitors to go into space to enjoy an incredible eating adventure in the starry sky. This new restaurant is run by the Patina Restaurant Group under the management of Nick Valenti, who runs several other Walt Disney World Resort venues, such as Tutto Italia and Via Napoli in Epcot and Morimoto Asia and Maria & Enzos Ristorante in Disney Springs.

Epcot's visitors don't have to await the opening of the restaurant to experience an exciting space experience. Star Lord and Gamora of "Guardians of the Galaxy" will take their guest on a trip through the universe in "Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Live" as part of Walt Disney World's "Incredible Summer" offer this season - from 9 June.

From June 9 to August 19, Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix live will be available five daily at the America Gardens Theatre in Epcot. We' ll be announcing more detail about the new room-themed restaurant soon, so keep an eye out for the latest Disney Parks blog update when it comes to breaking news.

There are 10 unbelievable sci-fi practice eateries where you can dine today.

In order to really immerse yourself in a fictitious universe, you usually have to spend the entire afternoon in a park or conference. However, a few fortunate people are living in areas where it is possible to crouch down for lunches in fantastic sci-fi themed canteens. We are not speaking about the thematic restaurant found in funfairs.

There are 10 independent dining establishments with a sci-fi / fancy trick: Just a quick stroll from New York's Times Square, this dinner offers as impressive a spatial sensation as any trip to a thrilling world. Once they leave the boat, visitors drive through cliffy Katakomben to a restaurant in a cave. Of course, the starters have spatially related designations, even if their relationship to the court seems hazy (like the Ziggy Stardust spaghetti).

With a full breathtaking panorama of Los Angeles's largest ever international aerodrome, the restaurant inside gives a sense that the place could go into space at any moment. Restaurant began to serve guests almost 15 years ago. Hungerous Germans who like efficient restaurants should perhaps go to Nuremberg's Baggers Restaurant (yes, that's how it's actually written).

Almost exclusively staffed with robotics, the customer chooses their order via touch screen. However, a robotic system does not make the dishes. Vegas used to have a Star Trek restaurant near its similarly themed drive. However, this ended in 1998, which brought with it a quick series of restaurant closures in the Trek theme. Using luncheon lorries becoming so beloved, lorry drivers come up with cutting-edge layouts to set themselves apart.

Hammontree Take Home Gourmet dishes are served by the trucks. "Five metres below the Indian Ocean on the Maldives, this location offers guests a 270 degree Panorama Look. Ithaa served mainly western dishes and once permitted guests to stay in the restaurant. The restaurant, which is mainly made of acrylics, has an expected life of about 20 years.

Ever since it opened in 2004, you better make a plan just before it becomes another relict that will confuse prospective archeologists. There is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the Jinan region of North China that is mainly run by robotics. The restaurant opened in 2010 is planning to increase the number of robot. This restaurant, which serves traditional dishes from China, has a rich historical theming.

Situated in the City of Industry, south of California, the restaurant is a great place to dine after visiting the La Brea Tar Pits. Space Aliens G&B is more than a single restaurant, it is a series of restaurants in Minnesota and North Dakota. Not only is the topic of the aliens the restaurant's attention: it offers unbelievable grilled dishes and fire-fried pizzas.

It is all space-related, with strange sculptures, a vaulted inner space and space pictures. In the heart of the Big Apple is a pub whose subject dates back centuries. The inside of the New York Napkin resembles a sumptuous Napkin palace. On their website you will find comprehensive information about food, bookings and the general philosophies of the restaurant itself.

It is great to know that many a restaurant is ready to go the additional mile of immersing guests in a fantastic setting. By the time we can easily master turning around your pastry in the weightlessness of space, this is the best sci-fi food on the market.

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