Situated in the heart of Igboland, Owerri is the capital of the state of Imo in Nigeria. City of Owerri, capital of the state of Imo, Southern Nigeria, at the intersection of the streets of Aba, Onitsha, Port Harcourt and Umuahia. Big savings on hotels in Owerri, Nigeria online.

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Owerri's slogan is Heartland. In 1969 Owerri was the last of three Biafra Republic capital cities. One of the main attractions of the state was the fact that Nigeria's forces conquered the older cities. Umuahia and Enugu were the other major cities before Owerri. Today's Owerri contains some statues commemorating the Great Wars, especially in places that were heavily bombed, but most of the artefacts and histories of the Great Wars can be found in the Umuahia State Abia Museums.

The Owerri town has an international aerodrome 23 kilometers south-east of the town, known as Imo Aerodrome, which is situated in Obiangwu, Ngor Okpala LGA. Sam Mbakwe International Airports offers flights to Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu. Today, Sam Mbakwe International Cargo is an international cargo hub. The aftermarket is the primary Owerri store after the Eke Ukwu Owere wrecking.

Located in the rainforest, Owerri manufactures many farm produce such as jams, manioc, taro, maize, gum and coconut palms. The Owerri is also located on vast petroleum and methane resources, like most of the Igbo country areas. The Owerri has a humid indoor environment according to the Köppen-Geiger system.

Majorité des étudiants de l'Université d'Etat d'Owerri, de l'Université fédérale de technologie d'Owerri, de l'École polytechnique fédérale d'Owerri, de l'École polytechnique d'Umuagwo, de l'Institut africain des sciences et technologies (AIST CCE Owerri), du Collège fédéral des ressources territoriales Oforola, du siège du séminaire de sagesse Owerri, du collège d'éducation Alvan Ikoku, du Christ roi, du lycée méthodiste Obike, du lycée diété,

State Training College, Federal Government Girls college Owerri, Owerri Girls Secondary School, Government Secondary School Owerri, Development Secondary School Owerri, Emmanuel college Owerri, Holy Ghost College Owerri, Community Secondary School Oforola Owerri, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Government Technical College Owerri, Army Day Secondary School Obinze Owerri MSME Business School Aladinma Wohnanlage, Owerri etc

And Owerri has a big Nigeria kicker club: The former Inter Milan forward, Arsenal, Portsmouth F.C. and Nigeria international Nwankwo Kanu were native to Owerri. Christendom is the dominating religious denomination in Owerri. Catholic and Anglican Catholics have the greatest followers and Owerri is home to the Assumpta Cathedral, the headquarters of the Owerri Catholic Archdiocese (Latin: Archidioecesis Overriensis) and the Seminary of Wisdom.

At All Saints Cathedral, Egbu is the first and largest Anglican church in Owerri and home to the first Igbo-language Bible.

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