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SiteOrigin WordPress Plugin Review page creator WorldPress supports more than 20% of web pages. However, there is no true WordPress copy and paste builder to make pages with different layout available. It' s hard for those without programming skills to design individual page lays. Superior Dragging & Dropping plug-ins like Visual Composer costs you $45, which is expensive and unaffordable for many.

Luckily, there are free plug-ins like Page Builder from SiteOrigin that can help accelerate the page creation as well. SiteOrigin's Page Builder is one of the free WordPress plug-ins that allows website managers to perform various functions, such as create layouts or split the page into attractive sections.

This plugin has a drag-and-drop function that makes it simple to design complex page-layout. Page Builder plug-ins come with two parts - one is the Page Builder and the other is clustered Widget. There are two plug-ins that you need to have installed on your website to build your own customized page layout.

More than a million websites are using the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. In addition to the free plug-ins, you can buy an extra $29 bundled version of the Page Builder plugin. When the Page Builder plugin is enabled, a new "Page Builder" page will appear on the WordPress editing surface. To allow the user to insert widgets, lines, and predefined layout, click the tabs.

Lines are the real basis for the page builder page layout. With SiteOrigin Page Builder, you can customize any of the elements with your own styles. The creation of user-defined designs on your own takes a long while. Just use one of the pre-defined plugin provided templates.

Press the Layout buttons to see a thumbnail of the layout lists. Select one of the layout, generate an on-line previewer with your contents and then use your contents inertly. SiteOrigin Plugin's Page Builder comes with a good choice of ready-made designs. For example, if you want to make basic pages such as Kontakt, Über uns or Produkteinleitung, these ready-made layout should work quite well.

Once you have import a design, you can process it using the backend interfaces. As a rule, a ready-made lay-out consists of a Widget, lines and column. It' simple to integrate pertinent pictures into the prefabricated import lay-out. This plugin also enables the import or export of templates and the clustering of available mail and page templates.

Site Builder allows you to move a widget to the desired area of the page by dragging and dropping it. A widget is usually a block of contents like sound, galleries, sliders, etc. Select any item to add to the layouts. SiteOrigin's Page Builder enables both user-defined and standard WordPress wide pages.

Joined plugin contains more than 20 user-defined Wididgets such as tab, pricing, Google map, contacts and more. Enable only the required Widgets for your website. Using the Live Editor, you will know what the page would look like when it is released. It' a good way to get a good look at your work, and the page board allows you to make necessary changes, although it may not be as intuitive as premier page creation tools.

This plugin is fully compliant with most WordPress topics, making it easy to switch to another topic. He also offers additional topics that are included and supported by the Page Builder plugin. More than 15 packaged add-ons can be purchased for $29 to improve functionality. Premier add-on package contains accumulator, user-defined post-type builder, light box, palladium slider, test reports, etc.

Page Builder as well as Widgets are very well featured in the free WordPress Forums. You can also submit a threat to the SiteOrigin forums to respond to your request. Every plugin comes with a demo version of each plugin, each demo version is described with a demo version and a comprehensive demo version is available, which explains each plugin part.

A big issue is what happens when the plugin is disabled. Once the Page Builder is deleted, the contents are still available, but without being formatted. Furthermore, it is possible to process these pages with the default WordPress user surface. SiteOrigin uses shortcuts to format the contents as with any other Page Builder plugin.

The widgets you choose to include will include a corresponding short code on your page. The shortcuts can be viewed by entering either text or livecode editing modes by selecting the Back to Notepad button. This plugin will ask you for confirmation before returning to the standard pluginditor. In spite of the relatively restricted front-end user experience, Site Origin's Page Builder is extremely versatile and simple to use.

Everyone can quickly build a customized page for their website by drag and drop the desired Widget. Prefabricated layout is usually a good place to start to build re-usable pages. We believe that the overall use of Page Builder by SiteOrigin Plugin should be sufficiently satisfying and free of charge. And even the chargeable Premier Add-On bundles are accessible to many companies.

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