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Creating pages with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) The topic contains the Visual Composer plug-in as well as an extra plug-in named "Visual Composer Extension", which was developed especially for our customers. Visual Composer plug-in and expansion adds a lot of pull & drop module to your dashboard to create your website quickly and easy. Ensure that you have the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in enabled.

It is NOT integrated into the themes (for good reasons), therefore it has to be implemented and enabled as described in the manual "Installation of recommended plugins". Now if you have decided not to use Visual Composer, it is your turn to do so. To set up the plug-in, go to Settings > WPBakery Page Builder.

Most importantly, the composer must be activated for the mail type for which he is to be used. Actually you can activate the Page builder according to the roles of the users, but most likely you only want to change the "Administrator" setting. Visual Composer is very simple and doesn't really require much explanations, take a look at the screen shots below for a brief tutorial (you can also see this more complete Visual Composer tutorial).

User-friendly back-end editing features include simple page addition and page template selection features. When you click the + icon, Visual Composer opens a dialog box for adding items. You will find all Visual Composer and Complete Page building module here. In order to insert a page item, just click on it.

You can use the page item settings to adjust your page. Every item has different customization settings such as color, font, border, image and more. The following is a back-end editing card with useful hints for the editing choices. Once you have added items, make sure you are saving your page. Visual Composer contains all the same page layout features as the Visual Composer front end.

But the only different is that you can see the page items themselves when you add a topic instead of placeholders.

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