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With the Facebook Page Plugin Widget you can display a Facebook Like Box in a widgettized area of your design. The Facebook Page Plugin feature allows you to add a Facebook feed to any website. Page Plugin - Social Plug-Ins You can use the page plugin for all pages that are not restricted (for example, by country or age). Add multiple tables with a comma-separated list, i.e.

time line, event. {\pos(192,220)}Servez-vous de l'attribut onglets/données et de la valeur de la ligne de temps pour afficher les contributions de l'historique de la page.

This size is ideal for highlighting your page when space is limited (e.g. above a sidebar). If the plugin width is less than 280 pixels, the default "Share" button is displayed to avoid misignment of the design in different translations. Now you can add the tabs Chronicle, Events and News to the plugin :

People can subscribe to events on your site via le plugin. Onglet Messages : Les gens peuvent envoyer les messages à votre site directement à partir de votre site Web. The plugin s'adapte par défaut à la largeur du conteneur parent lors du chargement de la page (min. 180px/max. 500px). This is useful when changing the layout : " : : ; " "fb-page" "{url}" "420" Si la largeur de l'élément parent est supérieure à la largeur du plugin de page, la valeur définie en largeur de données est retenue :

"The plugin is never smaller than 160px : " : : ; " "fb-page" "{url}" "320" Vous pouvez désactiver la largeur adaptative en désactivant Adjust to Plugin Container Width. The plugin is then displayed with the specified width independently of the parent container. You can set the width of the parent element using media queries or other methods, but : The plugin determines its width when loading the page.

If you want to adjust the width of the plugin when resizing the window, you must manually re-display the plugin. Show who likes your site with real profile pictures instead of just numbers. People who visit your site will see the number of friends who marked it with "Like" and their profile pictures.

You may need to adjust the width of a social plugin to create enough space for other languages.

For more information, please visit our Localization and Translation page.

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