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Best WordPress design and conversion tools Plattform 5 makes it simpler than ever for web designers to fight WordPress. By far the most amazing page creator of all is Plattform 5! It'?s by far the best rig I've ever worked with. You really understood the users' objectives and made it!

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Platform PageLines 5

PageLines was my first test and I found it a very good system. In comparison to other frontend page editing tools, I found PageLines text manipulation somewhat cumbersome - and the lack of page dragging and dropping on the page was mostly terrib. Modifying the text blocks outside the page in a specific mode box will slow down the work, even if it often shows the results on the page itself (I often say this because sometimes my changes only appeared on the page after saving and turning off the Builder).

Dragging and Dropping - The rationale why I thought this was less efficient in PageLines is that it doesn't make much point to move around the different pages in the different module only in the old back-end page construction even if it's in a screen right next to the on page out. By all means I wanted to move lines and moduls to the page by dragging and dropping as it can be done by other frontend page editors like Live Composer, Beaver Builder, Motopress, Page Builder Sandwich and the like.

The combination of the actual methods in PageLines with the Drag&Drop position on the page would be enormous. PageLine is particularly well suited for localizing and addressing items on a heavily frequented page. Find out this drag-and-drop thing and get the text processing right (imo) and it would be really nice to work in it.

There is no point in doing something more serious or complex than something else that already existed.

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