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While there are few examples of Apple software that are inferior to Microsoft products, it must be said that Microsoft Word still has the advantage on the side. GarbageBand, pages, numbers and keynote on iOS and macOS. PDF file upload and Pages file download in seconds.

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While there are few instances of Apple softwares that are less than Microsoft softwares, it has to be said that Microsoft Word still has the advantage on the side. But with the launch of Mavericks, Apple has taken it even further to Word with a sleek new user experience, many new layouts, and more advanced processing features.

The Pages is a great text editor that is gradually conquering people' beans. While it may take some time to get used to it if you've used it all your lives, once you get it under control, it's simple to use, relatively affordable (it can now be bought seperately or comes as part of the iWork suite), and as you''d expect from an Apple phone, its graphics capabilities are unsurpassed.

Unfortunately, Pages still doesn't have the basic features like a vocabulary editor, although the reality is that the vocabulary editor is seldom useful in Word anyway and offers only slight changes that don't really matter much about the meanings of a word or expression. What Word certainly stands out for is the graphic - many user choose it for poster design, table addition and pretty much everything that has to do with graphic design.

This may not be entirely due to MS Words, but Pages is progressing slow and upcoming versions will certainly solve the few problems that are still open to make it a really great text editor.

With iMovie, GarageBand and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS, Apple makes it free for all people.

Today Apple has upgraded several of its Mac and iPhone applications and made them available to all Mac and iPhone Mac OS endusers at no cost. iMovie, Numbers, Keynote, Pages and GarageBand for Mac and iPhone OS have been upgraded and are now available for free on the App Store. Previously, all these applications were provided free of charge to consumers who bought a new Mac or iPhone unit, but now the purchasing is not necessary to obtain the application.

Apple has already given many Apple users the opportunity to get the free trial if they have purchased a product in recent years. Apple's iWork page has not yet been upgraded and still says that consumers can access pages, keynote and numbers only after buying a suitable Mac or iPhone appliance, but new formulations can be added soon after the fall in prices.

Apple's Apple applications have also been deleted from the Top Free Apple Chart in the Apple Store. Since 2013, Apple has offered these applications free for new Mac and iPhone devices, but since the cost is free for all Mac and iPhone devices, it's less bewildering and opens free software for those who've never purchased a new one.

Updated: According to a technical release documentation, today's changes to the application will make it easy for businesses and education providers to access pages, numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie from the Volume Purchase Program stores.

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