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Choice of professional page templates: from brochures and newsletters to minutes of meetings and project reports. Sites for Mac: Using Page Templates This is a predefined collection of items used to make a page - a page lay-out, wildcard text, pictures, and so on. Wildcards give you an impression of what a text file generated with this style sheet might look like when you use its text and objectstyle. For each new creation of a file, select a style sheet from the style sheet selection menu as the start point.

Once you open a style sheet, you can insert your own text, substitute or remove merge fields, and insert new items (tables, graphs, text frames, forms, lines, contacts, and media). In the Open pane, open Pages and click the New Document icon, or select File > New from the Pages on the top of the page list.

Select a style sheet in the Style Selection for the kind of documents (or envelope) you want to make, and then double-click the style sheet to open it. In order to make a text based documents, select one of the empty templates (these are all text editing templates). In order to produce a booklet, posters or something with a more sophisticated design, select a style that comes as close as possible to what you want to produce.

A wide range of text and page templates are available. If you want to generate an interactivity manual, select a manual reference. For help making your own documents from the templates, see Making a Documents. While some page templates are specifically intended for text editing (e.g. the Basic and Newsletter templates), others are for page layouts (e.g. the Tab Flyer and Museum Brochure templates).

In order to see whether you have a text or page design file, click on in the tool bar and then on File. Check the box to select a text editing file if it is a text editing file. When the check box is unchecked, it is a page design file. Once you have started to create your documents, you can no longer change to another one.

However, you can still change the page layouts from text to page layouts and back. In Pages, you can specify a preferences to always open a new page in a specific style rather than from the Style Selection drop-down list. Select Pages > Settings (from the Pages pull-down at the top of the screen).

Select another template: When you click the Change template icon, click a style sheet, and then click Select. Once you have made this setting, you can still open a new file with a different style sheet. Press and hold down the option key, then select File > New from the File selection (from the File drop-down list at the top of the screen).

To use a single file as a reference for other files, store your work as a user-defined reference.

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