Parallax one Child Theme

A Parallax Child Theme

If you are using Parallax One Plus, how to make a child design Let's first discuss what your child's theme should contain, as we want to make changes to both the design and the plug-in (Parallax One Plus is a plug-in). Their subordinate design should have a functions.php filename, style.php filename, a directory with name (if you choose to attach hook, you don't need this directory)*, where in this case you insert the section you want to edit (parallax_one_logos_section.php).

It is important that the name of the corresponding files is the same as in the theme / plug-in. important The section "Our history" can be found in both the Parallax One and Parallax One Plus releases. You have two options for changing your design. This is the classical way how you have to build functions.php, style.css and the section folders where you have to insert the section you want to change, in our case we select "parallax_one_logos_section.php".

We are telling our topic in this document to use our child's own personal styles if there are any changes. Insert these rows into your file: This is where you are importing the available styles from your two Parallax One & Parallax One Plus. Another way to do this is to add a hook.

Note that you can now include all your hook and filter in functions.php, which means you don't need the above example source so just include your source in it. Bellows, we have enclosed a checklist of the included hook that you can use with Parallax One Plus: Basicaly, all with hooks:

Every line that contains _entry_ is checked for box - and follows the same rule.

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