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The Parallax Pro is a WordPress theme developed by StudioPress that features minimal design and elegant, appealing Parallax homepage areas. Setting up the Parallax Pro theme of StudiPress. Let your Parallax Pro theme look like on the demo page.

WordPress Onepage / Parallax Topic - AccessPress Parallax Pro

Parallax PRO AccessPress - is a nice WordPress topic with Parallax designs /ffects. The parallax has become extremely widespread and accepted because - 3-D effect is possible with it, you can put a ball in your products, it is the best way of telling stories, you can attract your audience, it is interactivity, captivating, makes your audience interested, makes your audience enjoyable, surprising, effectively to initiate actions, invites your audience to great call to action, great conversation and more.

Because parallax is loved, give your WordPress website a parallax effect! An easily configurable / usable parallax WordPress topic with real parallaxffects. Whoa, parallax! Multi-layered, plain parallax! 12+ Widget FB like, Contacts, Flicker streams, Symbol text blocks, Picture download, Press embedding, Print previews, Status bars, Scroll bars, Social symbols, Statistics switches, Members of your teams, Testimonials, and more.

As a parallax topic or as a regular topic! Do your website completely parallax or a regular website. Simply change the topic display. If you use more than 600 Google scripts, set them up for each location on the site. Fade in/out of the presented picture, configuration of the presented picture dimensions, fade in/out of the entry date, creator, before/after navigations. Customize the page header and colour.

Now you can directly insert your own CSS/JS code from the subject area! Yes, it's the truth! You get videos from ThanksTube on how to set up / use the topic! You will receive detailled information about the configuration / use of the topic! Simple to use with user-friendly instructions on how to use the radio button. Translation of the topic into any desired languages.

Select any colour that you like. Imports the whole demonstration at the push of a button without having to reconfigure the website from the ground up. You can use the Banners heading options to modify the heading look for each page. Specify either your own wallpaper colour, patterns or images for the website. You have the possibility to move the menue from either side.

View the logo slider section as a parallax section. Do you have a parallax section to show highlights? Modify the font preferences for the whole website. Create feature-rich pages using beautifully built-in shortcuts. Utilize the nice usability to use Widgets in side bars or pages with your favourite plug-in for the page creator. Solved problem with server-related output of topic options.

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