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The new Parallax Tremont Menu refreshes the accent on French and South East Asia flavours.

The restaurateur Zack Bruell says that he is once again committed to the French-Asian heritage of the restaurant. And Bruell did it in the twinkling of an eye. Under the motto L'Albatros, the France Brewery, the international kitchen of table 45, a mind from the north of Italy that pervades the flavours of Chinato..... However, in the last decade, when Bruell has been moving in such different ways as dynomites burger and sushi, Alley Cat's auster- bar theme, and cafeterias of ecological slates with breakfasts and lunches, he says he saw Parallax's essences deviate from its ancestors.

"As our cook continued, I saw this as an occasion to do things differently," says Bruell. Its new - rather new - goal is "the colony of France in Southeast Asia," he states. "While I know that in the 1950s there was a whole lot of controversy about geopolitics at that time, if you look closely at how France and its gastronomic tradition affected the cuisine of Vietnam and other parts of the country, it has created unbelievable dishes and flavours," says Bruell.

"I' d like to put that on our new menu," he added. They like to take classic pieces from France and make them their ears with local South East Asia produce. Lemon grass, chilli and gingerbread aromas abound among the spices. The Cassoulet, Asiatic style, is another juicy example. Sumptuous roast containing roast parsnip and carrots as well as suckling legs of goose, Thai salami, pig stomach and roast pig shoulders, all on a al dente braised al dente banana rack.

A stewed leek hors d'oeuvre with miso mushroom gravy is an interesting and spicy hors d'oeuvre, with thick portions of scented lelium embedded in a spicy mushroom gravy rounded off by the delicate Umami qualities of the fermenting savoury blend. More than the classic emulsified eggs and anchovies make up and emulsify your food, the cuisine uses a marinaigrette of seafood gravy, raw vegetables, dry shrimps and fried herbs.

In Parallax, the traditionally tender strands of wavy endives stay in place - but they are thrown with crunchy pasta and edamam. Instead of lard and lard (thick, crunchy matches), the lettuce is presented with a large diced roasted pig stomach grated with five spices from China and a pan-fried whole eggs.

Some of Parallax's most famous meals stay on the menu. A full selection of exquisite Sushi and Hashimi - a basic food since the restaurant's début - take up two full menu pages. "It began as a neighbourhood restaurant, and although we come from all over the area, we still want courts that address those who just want to come over for a plain dinner," says Bruell.

It is open from 11:30 to 22:00 Monday-Thursday, from 11:30 to 24:00 Friday and from 17:00 to 24:00 Saturday. Restaurant is Sunday closing, except on specific events such as Valentine's Day.

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