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Wordpress Parallax Theme

Best 30+ Parallax WordPress Topics for 2018 Parallax just to update you, parallax styling is a blend of parallax scroll (the one where wallpapers from the cam move more slowly than foregrounds) and individual page styling. However, here is our top 30+ parallax WordPress topics listing on the today available market: This is a classy theme for all types of business, with sleek parallax scrolls and a one-sided look.

You can easily adjust the look, use drag-and-drop page creators, and create with a materials theme toolkit. With its versatile user surface it is available for start-ups, company websites, display cases, on-line stores, blogs, etc. Characteristics: Fast, WooCommerce-capable materials designed, with fast reactions, newsletters subscribed, customized colours, parallax wallpapers, live customizer, fully compliant with SiteOrigin, Elementor and more, with slide control, product range included with Jetpack.

Another parallax WordPress theme, Zerif, offers space for a great-looking cover picture in the back. Most of the remaining designs are based on sound wallpapers and beautiful slide-in effect for the website items. Functions: user-defined theme widgets, infinite color selection for the theme items, location (full native website support), user-defined theme choices (where you can refresh things like the logotype, soft link and even the layout), appealing texture.

This is a very contemporary parallax WordPress theme and one of the biggest this year. Its versatility and many functions make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. If you like, you can modify the lay-out and use parallax photograph. When you are a browsing enthusiast, this theme has several pages, with a very rich and colourful user experience.

Characteristics: Eighteen ready-made layout templates, the Divi Builders - a powerful draft and fall drag-and-drop Content Builders, large set of CMS that you can use when creating single pages, limitless color, several headline choices. The Pena is a contemporary and very sleek theme for charities or non-governmental organisations, offering classy parallax scrolls and colourful, easily discoverable call to actionkeys.

Stylish characterisation similar to that of an on-line magazin gives the theme a touch of creativity. Functions: page creator, donations page, headline options, WooCommerce-capable, event calendars, first-class soliloquy sliders, fast response time. The Freelance Writer is a very beautiful WordPress theme, with full frame styling and soft scroll. He has a full width slide control and comes with an sleek and pro look.

When you are a novelist, you can use this theme to advertise your works. Characteristics: 100 percent reactive designs, fully customizable, user-defined mail type and format, 80+ shortcuts, user-defined widgets, filtering portfolios, SEO-enabled, bad load effect. The Zero is a charitable/non-profit WordPress theme with beautiful and stylish parallaxes. Stylish and stylish, the scrolling down makes monochrome pictures appear beautiful in the far-off world.

All in all, the theme is minimalistic, but its simple nature, in combination with the parallax effect, makes it look classy. Functions: fast response time, colour choices, magazine-like scripts and pages, neat and minimalistic look, various page styles, widget side bars, on-line donation, parallax scroll. This is one of the most functionally parallax scroll topics ever. Not only is it optimised to help you with a multi-page site, it also provides many page styles with parallax effect that work well on all pages.

There are many ways to customize and customize your contents to make everyone feel lucky. Characteristics: Thirteen prebuilt demonstrations, a Visual Contents composer (drag and drop and 30+ user-defined contents elements), thirteen homepage template, enhanced administration panels, font awesome integrations, infinite color, streaming background, fast response page layout, free lifelong assistance. obileApp is a great parallax theme for mobile phones.

It is so colourful and cheerful, and it will bring you the parallax effect at its best. Functions: infinite number of paragraphs, motion text, headers navigator control, scrollable or parallax wallpaper, infinite colours, button and wallpaper, support for AEO. It' just referred to as parallax, and it has the capacity to give you a really good-looking site.

Functions: Right to Leave Linguistic Assistance (RTL), User -Defined Mail Type (for Portfolio, Highlight and Staff ), User - Defined Headers Wallpaper, Contents Controls, Endless scrolling, Reactive Composition. It is a contemporary theme for hair parlours and spas. Comes with soft rolling and a pro look. It has a nice and stylish look, with colours and lettering in blacks, whites and browns, and easily understandable contents.

Suggestions: drag-and-drop homepage, five different contents styles, flexibility of layouts, WooCommerce functionality, colour scheme, retina readiness, fast translations. However, the theme has a really beautiful look that uses parallax effect that they combine with shallow designer expression. In addition, the wallpapers can be guided through a filtering system, which makes them even better suited to the theme's styling.

Characteristics: Fourteen unmatched homepage variants, shortcuts, wallpaper backup, six navigational modes, integrated MailChimp backup, Font Automation plug-in, reactive architecture. A great theme for your company, with a very contemporary and memorable look, suitable for any use. This theme has a one-sided look, with a lovely full-screen lay-out, parallax scroll, lovely straps and an elegantly inviting look.

Characteristics: fast response time, photofriendly layout, parallax section, infinite colour variation, various banner/slide show choices, easy access to advanced search engines, easy access to search results, SEO friendly. Create tattoo is an issue with a rogue design...just like the humans it is aimed at. Featuring beautifully designed and uniquely designed layout for each section, it offers a sleek parallax scroll that makes the theme look breathtaking.

The use of this theme will certainly appeal to many customers and make them want to look at your website like at home. Functions: highly reactive and fully customizable interface, user-defined mail type and format, 80+ shortcuts, translatable, SEO-enabled, user-defined broadgets, multi-color. A stunning full-screen parallax theme that allows for distinct and handsome parallax scroll.

Stylish animation and special effect elements will delight your guests in no time at all. Parallax AccessPress has three demos: Characteristics: Mozilla Maps integrated, stunning parallax scroll, page builders, many widgets and shortcuts, revolution or regular sliders, CSS3 animation, multi layout, endless color. What is special about this parallax theme WordPress is the fact that the different contents are in full image mode (as part of the parallax effect).

Besides, the subject can be used for several different things and is not restricted to small offices or photographs. Functions: fade-in effect, user-defined portfoliolayouts, user-defined galery layout, style with theme customized, full-screen sliders, videos wallpapers and wallpaper content, WooCommerce compliant, with eight kinds of blogs and four blogs, 600+ Google fonts included, fast response and retina-ready texture.

The parallax WordPress theme has two versions: one has a fixed picture backdrop and is more colourful, the other has an animated backdrop and consists mainly of monochrome items. Featuring a theme designed to present a unique page and a great parallax scroll function. Functions: Animator, parallax scroll, full frame and infinite postings, short code editor, translatable, retina standby, drag-and-drop page section ordering.

Breathtaking parallax effect theme in the back, ideal for corporate web sites. In addition, the backgrounds and menus are filled with spaces, which makes the theme very neat. Characteristics: with HTML5 and CSS3, fast reactive designs, simple to adapt, breathtaking and inventive parallax effect, embedded content, integrated content, real estate management.

Solid WordPress multi-purpose theme, with a contemporary look and many contemporary functions, designed to meet all your commercial objectives. The site offers tonnes of demonstrations that contain different designs and approaches for all kinds of use. Characteristics: With WooCommerce capability, enhanced page creator, infinite colour scheme, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, several shortcuts, 20 demonstrations for different uses, fast response and retina lay-out, back-ups.

It is more like a parallax theme pack than a stand-alone theme because it provides many different designs, each created for a particular domains. For every company you manage, there is a topic here that meets your needs. There are many colours, special effect, animation, layouts and slider.

Storyline comes with a contemporary, fun and engaging look. Functions: full-screen sliders, extended Ajax Warehouse, user-defined header, backgrounds, unlimited color, WooCommerce feature, multi layout blogs, Ajax basket. Monochrome WordPress theme, with stunning parallax scroll. Here you can see the easy and neat Genesis Framework designed.

You can customize the theme so that you can make any changes, from choosing colours to making your own menus. Functions: User-defined background, user-defined headline, five colour style, footing widths, HTML5 mark-up, target page style sheet. This is a lovely, easy theme for small companies and agents, with a lovely and colourful look and an elegantly designed surface.

Looks fashionable and offers a fast parallax scroll process. Key features: fast-reacting look, parallax effect, blogs look, minimal look, one-sided style, multi-purpose look, soft symbols. A stunning contemporary theme with great parallaxffects. There is a head for videos and the different areas of contents run smoothly. This theme comes with a very stylish and engaging theme, colourful and intuitive.

Functions: fast response and retina capability, one-sided/multi-page layouts, various viewing modes, five demos inclusive, various slide control modes, folder cabinet with several viewing modes. Breathtaking WordPress theme with sleek and stylish parallax scroll, full-screen layouts, and full wallpaper videos. With a very contemporary and engaging look, it offers both one-page and multi-page design.

Functions: one- and multi-page, fast response, retina-capable, optical componist, 12 homepage variants, parallax videos, optimised speech recognition (SEO). On this parallax WordPress theme comes with many home page choices. You can, for example, select from different kinds of slider, use the one-sided theme and use the appealing animation. Parallax effect makes it a real treat to rummage through different parts.

Functions: boundless side bars, headline choices, simple colour changes, drag-and-drop galery, Ajax Contactsheet. The parallax WordPress theme is contemporary and stylish, designed for blogging or web sites that specialize in photographing. Navigate menus include various round and quad arteries, which include tiles, full-screen images, slide shows, YouTube and Vimeo video, self-hosted sound files, and more.

Classical combinations of blacks and whites, multi-media contents and the parallax effect make this theme lively and inter-active. Characteristics: Retina-capable, RTL and WPML-capable, fast reacting design, translation-friendly, built-in light box, touch-friendly slide controls, uniquely designed navigational menus, full-screen beds. The Eight Degree is a great parallax theme with a contemporary look and full frame design.

This can work as a multi-purpose theme. Featuring a full-screen slide, animation, three different demonstrations - a new one will soon be on the market - and a red-white-black colour pattern. Because it was conceived as a one-sided theme, it provides a great scroll sensation. Characteristics: Revolution sliders, fast response designs, retina-stable, translatable, full-screen filters and parallax portfolios, customized animation, unparalleled parallax sliders.

Parallax trends are quite inventive and quite dynamical in themselves (due to the 3D-like effects), but Wunderkind makes them even more dynamical by using different motion components. Functions: eight built-in page layout, drag-and-drop page generator, page with user-defined theme option, WooCommerce plug-in plug-in implementation, infinite colour scheme, font awesome implementation, reactive architecture.

Extremely neat and minimalist parallax WordPress theme that looks great in a greyscale colour scheme. What's more, it's a very simple and minimalist parallax theme. Besides, the available contents offer a lot of room for optimization, so that at the end every customer will love this one. Functions: visually designed text authoring tool (very convenient and makes working with the topic much faster), text controls, five layout for portfolios, colour matching field, typeface, etc., integrated Google font management, attractive format.

Multi-functional full-screen WordPress theme for any type of company. There is a colourful look, with many interactivity items and paragraphs. WP Creative provides a drag-and-drop page generator that lets you effortlessly build endless pages with different page styles. A very adaptable parallax scroll provides gentle parallax scroll. Functions: fast-response styling, drag-and-drop page creation, flexible page designs, user-defined preferences, ton of slide control style, SEO-enabled, integrated multimedia controls.

This is a contemporary full-screen motif that has been developed for many different uses. Delivered with four different demonstrations, it allows you to select between single and multi-page layout. There is a sleek and simple parallax scroll, colourful elements, animation and fantastic design for each section. When you want your website to look stunning, take a look at this topic.

Key features: reactive designs, WooCommerce integrations, multi-portfolio, videos, tonnes of shortcuts, Visual Composer, progression bar and gateau diagrams. Picturecarousel. Breath-taking WordPress theme with fantastic parallax scroll for each section and full-screen layouts. It has a contemporary and breath-taking theme, with a full-screen parallax head and a one-sided lay-out.

It' not easy not to get caught up in this look. Characteristics: fast response time, retina enabled, infinite colours and background, stunning scroll, several shortcuts, different mail sizes, progression bar and price table. This is a multifunctional theme for your company, regardless of the alcove or your current position in the world. This theme is characterised by plainness and sobriety.

Comes with a fantastic full-width parallax head, soft scroll, an on-line store and a contemporary look. Parallax One is a free add-on that you can download and run on the Parallax One game. Functions: fast reacting designs, fantastic parallax head, living customer, portfolios area, WooCommerce integrated, plugin shortcuts, user-defined Widgets, infinite colours.

A stunningly stylish theme for portals and agency creatives, Avoc has a clear look and a stylish parallax effect. Breathtaking theme with an intriguing look that immediately strikes the eyes. Characteristics: fast response time, retina enabled, unparalleled parallax library, headline choices, parallax and camcorder backgrounds, page creator, video/audio capabilities, Ajax Contactsheet.

A stunning theme, constructed with a touch of class and a one-of-a-kind look, distinguished by its creative approach. This theme has many different demonstrations that provide different looks. Characteristics: Twelve one-of-a-kind demonstrations, WooCommerce store, multi-suite portfolio placements, parallax scanning, 40+ user-defined shortcuts, one-sided playout, complete screens, transitions to WooCommerce.

A stunning theme with great items and background. There is a parallax effect in the headline where the band members fall down when scrolling. Definitely gives you the feeling that there are many parallels underneath. Characteristics: Over 100 short codes, distinct parallax effect, diversity of page layout, limitless colours, fast reactions and retina capability, premium coding page builders, Ajax shop for articles and project.

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