This is Lenceria Comestible Hot Paxxion, Lima. Display PAXXION location, sales, industry and description. The PAXXION brand is owned by PAXXION S.R.L.

; c/o COMPLESSO DIREZ. I just received a promotional email from Search Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for Paxxion Clothing in City Centre Services and more.

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In their e-mail they gave me a 6-month free account with permission to load 300 of my pictures (probably their standard offer). Now I suppose if you begin to pay them the 20 Euros they will allow you more pictures on-line. Well interesting notion and it would probably work if they had acceptable air travel... not sure whether it will be flying though.

I' m not willing to spend 20 Euro per monthly while waiting for the site to get visitors. Free 6 monthly help, but I don't think that's long enough to get good enough to make it valuable. Could you take a closer look? A little more shows that it's 10 Euros per 100 pictures..... the costs are per semester... whatever that is... one months, three monts, six monts...????????

I am one of the authors and managers of a new online platform for the online selling of royalty-free work. We have seen your online portfolios and we believe that you may be interested in becoming part of our family. In contrast to most websites we do not charge commission on your purchases, we only charge a small 20 Euro semester fees (free of charge for you in the promotion).

In order to encourage you to join our fellowship and add your portfolios to our archives, we suggest this offer: - You will get a six-month free pass to publish a collection of 300 of your images. Given the fact that we have a via FTP up-load system that recognizes IPTC information, the up-load of your portfolios takes place at top speeds.

So, since they are offering the six-month free plan, I could sell it to 300 of my best-selling customers and see how it works..... There are not many pictures available yet. In any case, I have registered and received my updated bankroll. Clean, it is automatically when you achieve the 10 upgrades on the free upload accounts, you will be updated to the per-tool.

The number of keyswords is restricted to 20. Greetings, sound interesting, but not sure if it works. If nothing is sold or low sale, you will lose and the site has nothing to lose because you pay effective to place your photo there. I usually don't load anything that asks me for cash in advance until it is tried and tried because it could mean that my cash is going down the toilet, yes, it's not what shutterpoint is trying to do (have your images online).

Just 20 keyswords?? µuch. All other pages like shutterstock und ittock have a 50 keyword limitation, which means that most of my pictures have almost 50 keyswords. When I have to cut every picture I post down to 20 words that would be a little too much work, I think.

Their suggestion is to make cash with the subscriptions, not with the sale. Up to now we do not have to buy anything, only after 6 moths - it is a possibility for them to set up a portfolios. A few folks there have been reporting a lot of sale this past week (unfortunately not me!), sometimes even 5 pictures from the same shopper.

Use is more permanent in SP than in Microsoft Excel, e.g. you can use pictures in articles for re-sale like calendar, which would mean an expanded licence in Microsoft Excel. The Paxxion limits the amount only on the free trial balance; in the trial balance you can adjust it as high as you want.

Their suggestion is to make cash with the subscriptions, not with the sale. Up to now we do not have to buy anything, only after 6 month - it is a possibility for them to set up a family. This might work, but to tell you the honest truth, I think when you set up a new company you need to have a well-informed performer with specific offers so you can begin with a pretty good amount of pictures that are already available. If a visitor to your site comes to see that you have 3000 pictures on-line, they will probably look elsewhere.

A few news flashes on Paxxion. You implement the acceptance of more than 20 catchwords. Greetings, one of my pictures is shown there in the Hauptfenster. But there is something: Every sales is addressed to the photographer directly on his Paypal-bank. There is another point, the Paypal base accounts only accept 5 payments per year, so I would have to buy a premium one.

Couldn't find an answer on the Paypal website, how much is charged for the premium game? Null commissionen und viele andere Möglichkeiten auf Paxxion!" I was telling Marco (website owner) about this forums, but I think he was already conscious of it. Paxxion!", that is a Google AddWords addition.....

May I ask how humans are doing with Paxxion? Is there any sale that' good enough for you to spend your online up-front? I am here to respond to anyone who may be interested in Paxxion's work. This is a syndicate that allows you to buy pictures without commission. All we ask is a firm charge (20 Euro/6 months) to show and resell 200 pictures for free.

There is also an infinite free schedule that allows you to buy only 10 pictures without paying agencies for them. We have some great deals on offer these past few weeks that will allow you to set up an free 300 -image per year trial now. As we have an FTP system and are reading IPTC files (50 keywords), it is very simple and inexpensive (cheap? for free!).

Paxxion has an affiliate programme named "Stocker Reward" which gives Paxxion users who have a current 150 image file the chance to make 5 Euro for every boyfriend who comes to Paxxion with 100 pictures. Thanks to all who help our Paxxion to growth! I' m gonna go up some pictures and come back with some thoughts.

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