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Turn your PC into a PC with stills from Twilight's Breaking Dawn. You can install third-party themes on your PC. Gorgeous, customizable desktop designs and skins for free download.

free-of-charge Windows 7 themes and desktop slide shows

  • Subject-Gallery: The themes are optimised for Full High Definition use. - Includes 3D and Abstract: This galery contains 2D, animated and some abstracted themes for Windows 7. Find computer and game themes such as Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X style themes. Here you can find great slideshows of cars and bikes (Windows 7 themes).

Holidays and seasons Windows 7 themes, Chrismas, New Year, Valentine's and more. Window 7 themes such as cities, buildings, life situations, free in this album. - cinema and music: Topics from film, television, film, music and bands, which you can download here for free. mysticism and fantasy style themes, faeries, daemons, mystical shadow and more.

You will find natural and wildlife motifs such as waterfalls, mountains, beaches, cats and dogs in this album. - Script & Space themes: Contains Windows 7 space and sci-fi slideshows such as planet, orbit and spaceship.

This is the 20 best designs for Windows 10 at the moment.

The most important aspect of Windows 10 is the adaptation. If you now want to personalize Windows 10, the best way to do this is to use designs. Talking about themes, today we want to show you some of the best Windows 10 themes to download. Every one of these themes comes with several background images, peculiar windows colours and sound.

But before we immerse ourselves, we'd like to point out that you can now also download Microsoft Store themes for Microsoft 10. After downloading, you can administer them on the Settings page. Comes with 8 background images showing Aurora Borealis over the wonderful scenery of Iceland and Norway. Seagreen window colour is selected and background images are changed after five-minute time.

Rainbow of Birds is a birding themed theme that comes with 12 wall papers with all kinds of birdies including but not limited to flowering fish, Kingfishers, Swans, Peacocks and Kolibris. The topic is aimed at enthusiasts of sci-fi and spacecraft research. It comes with custom images of outer-space, and although it doesn't contain any true images of our universe, it still looks fantastic.

The Forza Motorsport 4 themes are developed for players who have been playing Forza Motorsport 4, or for race car enthusiasts. You can find 17 high definition background images in this topic showing automobiles like Koenigsegg Agera, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mclaren, BMW and Ferrari. Children of Light themes are inspired by the children of light play, so it's great for those who love the music.

If you' re not a big fans of the games, you can still savor 19 nice wall coverings that look like they have been painted with watercolours. And if you are a lover of the natural world and animals, you will appreciate this subject that catches the dawn in the natural world. We have 8 wall papers and all contain images of bird life, bugs, riverbanks, vegetation and grasslands in the mornings.

Freezing formation contains wonderful images of icy water, so if you like isic cones, sunbeams over the icy water and mountains, this topic is for you. Concerning the number of background images, this topic contains 12 different background images. Unless you are a lover of snow and snow, you may want a warm topic and this could be exactly what you need.

It comes with 15 background images of lovely sunsets on our sandy shores. More than one image of each strand and in this topic you can see images of Dillon Strand, Bodega Head, Kihei, LaHaina and Sonoma Coast. Are you looking for a model full of bright, lovely colours, then AN HSIN PU TZU is the right option for you.

It' s a colourful Windows 10 topic that will definitely put a big grin on your face. Comes with six background images and gives your Windows 10 tile a bright blue-purple colour. Kalligraphie is a nice Windows 10 calligraphy topic that will bring calming shades of blues, bright pinks, greens and more to your PC.

Like the name implies, this subject will bring your 6 paintings that prove that Kalligraphie is an artwork. This Windows 10 Theme is perfect for you if you're a big fan o abstractionist. Ten abstracted artistic pictures are created, in which line, curve and points merge into astonishing wallpaper. Its design will add a gray colour to your Windows tile, while blues are the predominant colour in most background pictures.

When you need a little colour in your lifetime, this cheerful Windows 10 topic will definitely put a big grin on your face. Colour Splash offers you 13 background images full of bright colours. Keeping this Windows 10 natural topic might give you some idea. The Dream Garden offers you a range of fantastic photographs, in which natural surroundings let the clock stand still for a second.

Tell the whole wolrd who you like about cocoa by putting this chocolate-inspired Windows 10 themed on your PC. You will definitely be able to buy some cocoa even if you are on a special dieting regime with the 10 background images that this topic has to offer. Everyday Style 4 is the right option for you if you are looking for an elegantly stylish subject.

Once again, this topic affirms that photograph is an artwork that enables us to chill our times. Most of the background pictures contained in this topic are close-ups that help you see things from a different angle. Featuring 14 pictures of the world's most stunning and efficient automobiles, this stunning Windows 10 themed photo album offers you the best of both worlds.

Simply click on the download icon and take a look at the background pictures. You' ll like this Windows 10 topic too if you`ve got a passion for bikes. Gives you 7 background pictures with the strongest bikes in the game. With this design, you can give your Windows tile a nice bright pink colour. The Windows 10 Topic illustrates this very precise concept and gives you nice pictures of springs full of cheerful colours.

Sometimes if you want to get away and run away, this nice Windows 10 topic will help you do just that. There are 10 breathtaking pictures showing places where a mountain meets the skies or where a field of corn embraces the skies. When running Windows 10 on a Dual Monitoring system, you need a panorama design.

Luckily, Microsoft has a number of Windows 10 themes for your Dual Screen configuration to select from. These are the best 3 Windows 10 Panorama themes to be installed on your PC. Topic contains 20 breathtaking pictures taken in the lovely country of New Zealand. Its wallpaper shows astonishing pictures where the ocean hits the mountain.

Naturally, the dominating colour in these paintings is predominantly ecru. These designs give your tile a pleasing bluish colour. This topic is suitable for you if you like relatively deep colours such as browns, greys and bright blacks. Titled, the paintings show fine cliffs that once again demonstrate how Mother Earth can form fine works of artwork over the course of time.

These themes give your tile a supplementary tan colour. You can download Rock Formations. Animals are very relaxed and often create a sense of general well-being. So if you enjoy wallpaper for animals and have a binary monitoring system, then this topic is for you. With 13 pictures, it definitely gives your screens a more friendly feel.

These themes give your tile a supplementary tan colour. You can download animal panoramas. You' ve seen our top 10 themes for Windows 10 in our library. You can download this "Excellent" PC repair tool from TrustPilot.com. To find Windows troubles that could cause PC troubles, click the " Scan Run " button.

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