The Pentaflex Packaging division offers flexible packaging, resealable bags and rollstock films. Pentaflex INC metal stamping. Pentaflex's engineering teams help our clients construct their products in a way that maximizes value while maintaining functionality. With Pentaflex, our clients can offer excellent prototype of their suggested designs or a variant of an already available one. Pentaflex's committed programme manager keeps clients on course for a successfull market launch in metals punchingjobs.

We are ISO/TS 16949 accredited and have a full ISO/TS 16949 accredited lab with committed employees to meet the highest standard of customer satisfaction and promote a sense of excellence. At Pentaflex, we use a broad line of die cutting and value-added press technology to deliver products to our clients in a short time with sophisticated parts.

The Pentaflex has a full punching head and matrix equipment to service the tools to high standard for optimum throughput.

Pentaflex INC. About us.

Pentaflex, Inc. is a custom stamping and subassembly company based in Springfield, Ohio. Pentaflex specializes in heavy-duty and high-performance molded parts and serves the utility vehicle, automobile, medicine and offroad markets. Besides supplying stamping parts, Pentaflex also provides a full line of value-added solutions such as arc cutting, processing, parts cleaning and the installation of bought-in parts.

Pentaflex can operate mechanically, hydraulically and servo-controlled press systems with up to . 500 mm thick media in either carbonsteel, HSLA steels, steelsteel, aluminium or brush. The Pentaflex uses follow-on composite, heat seal and manual heat seal tools to convert media through punching processes. Pentaflex's dedicated technical support team, in conjunction with its own dedicated tools and tools department, ensures that orders are completed on time, changes are taken into account and all necessary communications are made with all employees.

And Pentaflex uses PLEX SaaS as its ERP system and has built-in support for ERP-DI. Whilst the right tools and installations are crucial to Pentaflex's business performance, it is more important to have a skilled staff to satisfy our customers' needs. At Pentaflex, we invest enormous amounts of resource to ensure that all our people at all levels of the organization are given the education and development they need to succeed as an individual and as a member of the Pentaflex family.

Understanding the importance of creating a nurturing and prolific business environment, Pentaflex seeks to bring this mindset to the wider business communities by working in various bodies and organizations and contribute to many different cultures and institution. Pentaflex's mission is to be the preferred partner for those who need to produce intricate, heavy-duty deep-drawn parts and subassemblies.

Pentaflex's staff recognises the competitiveness of the metals punching industry and always strives to deliver the best overall solution to our customers' needs in a prompt manner.

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