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Personal Photo WordPress for the photo of yespromo Introducing a fantastic photograph WorldPress Theme. It allows you to build your own website of photographers, bloggers, photographic agencies or studios, your own individual and nice. Different art galleries show the singularity of your work and a easy and comfortable shop to yourselves to yourselves show your precious photographs to sale. Best of our photograph topics 2017 Worldpress.

Please be aware that the design does not contain the pictures in the original zipped files. - A JS Portfolio error was corrected (wrong number of items).

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Picture sizes:

How do I get the design installed? How do I upgrade the design to the latest release? The topic is strongly based on featured images. When your posting lacks a featured images, the mail images will not be displayed on the home page, archive pages and featured page slider content to see how you can include a featured images in your post/page.

Picture sizes: How can I post /page a featured Id? Simple Persona currently has 4 Widget (Sidebar) for regenerated miniature views that have arrived at this hyperlink, they are 1. In WordPress, you can create a wide range of different widgets by selecting "Appearance => Widgets" or "Appearance => Customize => Customize widgets". As one selects the optionale side bar for the individually side / contribution?

To make the desired changes, click on Select sidebar option and then click on Publish/Update. You can adjust this design with fun extra functions via the customizer under Aussehen => Anpassen in your WordPress dashboard. Goto this Custom Headers Custom Headers is different from the website brand. It is a large globular picture in the headline to get a much simpler, personalized look and feel. What you get is a large picture in the headline.

In order to insert a head screen, you must go to "Appearance => Customize => Head media => Head screen". Here you can add/change/hide headers images, activate the Featured Headers Images on options, choose size and size and insert link and alter tags according to your website needs. Allows you to display the head screen only on the homepage/front page.

Exclude Home Page 2: Exclude home page This displays the head screen on the entire Web page except the home page. Exclusive Homepage, Page/Post Featured Images This options displays the entire website without a homepage. In Page/Post your head picture will be substituted by Featured Images. 4: Entire page This displays the entire page's headframe.

In Page/Post your head picture will be substituted by Featured Images.

Optional 7: Uncheck This optional feature deactivates the header image entirely. How can I modify and activate the custom header image? Now go to "Appearance => Customize => Header Image" Choose Activation Settings under "Enable Featured Header Image on" Then click on "Save & Publish" how to enable/disable the Header Featured Image settings in different pages/posts?

Click on "Publish/Update" to finish How do I choose single page/post image layout for single pages/posts? Then click on "Publish/Update" How do I choose the date for an event via Page/Post? Eventually click on "Publish/Update" Simple Persona Pro provides thrilling menu options! The topic discusses and encourages the use of custom menus. A custom menu can be created via "Appearance => Menus" in your WordPress Dashboard.

Hint: If you do not see the navigational item under "Appearance => Customize" it means that you have not yet generated a custom item. Navigate to "Appearance => Menus" to start by creating a menus. for marked contents.

It has 2 page layouts, 2 default layouts, 2 homgepage/archive layouts, 2 archive content layouts, activate/deactivate the layouts for individual pages/post images to select "Appearance => Customize => Topic Option => Page Layouts ". Once you are in the page layouts you can select the checkbox below "Default Page Layouts " which will define our page layouts.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to select your own page and article layouts via "Simple Persona Options => Layout Options", which you will find under the articles and pages if you click on them to add/edit them. When you are in the page layouts options, you can select the option under "Single page/post layout" that sets the page/post layouts.

If you are in the page layouts option, you can activate the checkbox below "Archive Content Layout", which defines the page library layouts. Links Note: WP-PageNavi Plugin is suggested for the numeric option (but works without it). Go to "Appearance => Customize => Topic Option => Portfolio" for the portfolio #How to insert the portfolio in the homepage/front page with the Essential Content Typ?

{\pos(192,210)}Simple Persona supports CT: Social Icons. Click on "Save & Publish". For external host movies (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo videos) you can insert the links of your movie page directly into the context area. It is not necessary to insert the encapsulation key into the contents.

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