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You will be selected to be presented in the themed shops we work with, and trusted based on their features and design. There is an appealing design with a demo installation with one click. Best WordPress Themes & Website templates When you are looking for a gifted web design artist for your website, you can scroll through the web design pages. Those free-lance web design professionals and agents have been presented with at least one design here. Or, if you want to build your own website, you can check out our list of some of the best WordPress themes from our reliable Topic Partner.

Get 20 inspiring examples of creative, personal blog web designs

Wikipedia clearly and succinctly defines a blog as "a personal magazine that is posted on the World Wide Web and consists of individual articles...". However, when you look back at this defining, you quickly notice how far we have moved away from it, especially in recent years and especially within the design communities.

A blog was a unique place where you could voice your opinion, your thoughts and your ideals. Only your personal letter. However, today a blog is seen as many things (a promotional tools, a means for companies to interact with clients, a product range, an eCommerce product, and so on and so forth...) and very seldom you come across a new blog that matches the above mentioned definitions.

However, as I researched this galery, I longed for a past epoch when the discovery of a new personal blog, especially within the design communities, could often be thrilling and instructive. However, back to this article, the good thing is that I have managed to find 20 blog posts, mainly from the design communities, that not only fulfill the above Wikipedia definitions, but are also beautiful and singular.

Best 25 personal website design examples and resources for your inspirations

How can you best present the work of the UX/UX designers with a personal touch? a personal website may be the number one option. Actually, a personal website is much more than that. Normally the personal website can be divided into the 5 most important categories based on functions and use. And if you're still eager for personal web design inspirations, read on.

There are 5 major personal website types: 2 ) Blog - to Blog?-?to sharing the design inspirations to interact with others. 3 ) ?similar-?similar about Dribbble or Behance, Screen Designer's work. 4 ) Staff ?to-?to become known, become known and get more possibilities. As a matter of fact, personal website presents a wide range of different design style and features. Portfolios and blogs, for example, work experiences and portfolios.

While some are a side with a minimalist and clear styling, others use light and vivid colours. However, I sincerely expect you to enjoy the 25 personal design samples for websites. Clearly, it shows what Devon does with the cleaner and cleaner welcome surface. The blog and the web site can make a good impact on the visitor.

Nik. org is the same-named Nik homepage Papic - a website of Nik Papic - developers, marketers, eternal entrepreneurs and ambitious universal scholars. Quite neat and everything in one colour backdrop is in good looking. Besides, I love the typeface myself. Valutis Osvaldas is a web design company in Klaip?da, Lithuania. It is a good example of "web designers who think in code" that solve design issues and realize their engineering solution.

He designed his personal website with blog, web store and the work of him. The Thuis is a darkly designed, personal, proffesional website for a single page that is the Tobias Reich design rehearsal magazine. Truly like this intelligent lay-out and the neat little touches of facts about coffees between them. The Jasmine Star is a favorite blog about brands and advertising designed to help create businesses that grow the businesses of their choice.

Jasmine Star, the blog's founding member, is a brand and market strategy that aims to help individuals build a successful bottom line and make a true impact in their life. It is a blog with travelling themes whose coherent brand-name will help your website users browse the site with ease. Users can browse through the site's navigational features and browse outside the blog.

Paint use is hot and impartial and ensures a cleaner surface. Brett and his team are designers, developers and creatives who specialize in the development of innovative solutions. However, I like the colourful below videos, which contain his marvelous design works. A personal website that uses nice transition loads and the use of spaces in this minimum one-page inventory for UI/UX designers Vincent Tantardini.

is a Newport Beach, CA based couturier. It is a beautiful, neat, colourful design in an appealing one-page personal website. It' easy, it' pure, it' s retinal and it' s fast reacting. Click to see his outstanding design work. is a UX couturier in Canada. They like to have a lot of display cases on every subject and put a lot of idea into wireframes and prototypes and put them into the hands of a great graphics artist and programmer to make the end work.

Jon Kyle' is a one-of-a-kind personal page of a web designer/developer in Los Angeles. One Pager offers an interesting sort and filtering function. Quite easy and neat, without a picture. The Dave Gamache is the previously created Twitter & Medium. Superb colour contrasts to create a neat and easy one-page personal website.

Sakha Greif is a design, development and business man from Paris, France, but now based in Osaka, Japan. Cleaner, more roomy personal One Pager for designers, trainers and speakers, Nicole Saidy. Singe Page page with a beautiful moveable particles wallpaper effect and a Behance feedback as part of the profile section.

I am a Design & Data Design Company from Beirut. Most of the times I travel with the aim to get design enthusiasts interested. Minimum personal page for UX-lover Ana Santos. She wanted something minimalistic that would present her experiences and references, and at the same moment refresh her product range.

Joe-McNally is a photo blog created by one of the best and most powerful photo editors in the globe. Reactive One Pager with long scroll for the topic store "Pixelosaur" from Greece. Wonderful to see an etablished themed store that uses a single page website to present everything they have do - ?including endorsements, accolades, theme collections, blog feeds and contacts.

Superb multidirectional pallax scroll (preview) in this One Pager for Mayday Magazine. One Pager for the Florida-based painting and painting company Keith Burnson. "Fifty coffees with fifty boyfriends and tutors to find my perfect job," this personal website presented the author's line of coffees reunions in her quest for her next position.

TimeThy Hoang is a chemist for frontend developers. Portfolios and demonstrations are constantly checked to present a gallery of images. To see his beautiful designs, click on the demonstration campaign. Hopefully you like the above 10 personal samples and website design resource. However, if you want to design and build your own specific website, you can use your own prototype with Mokplus.

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