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In addition, personal websites serve as a kind of virtual resume for their owners. Launching a personal website or blog in 15 moments When you are interested in making cash on-line, getting involved with freelancers or building a professionally run on-line site, it is a MUST to start a personal website or blog. You can do many different things with a website or blog, and there are countless ways to use a blog to help you make more cash and get the job you want.

We also suggest that every learner and alumnus must have their own website to present themselves. Launching a blog is a fairly simple task, even if you have finite engineering capabilities. It' a long story, but it will guide you through the whole thing from absolute nothing to a fully functioning website.

First thing you need to know is how the web works and how web sites are made. You should know three major parts of a website: This is the computer on which a Web site is located. In order to start, you need to buy a web site, find a web site host and then build the site that will actually be seen by all.

If you use my Bluehost links, you will get a rebate, so you only get $2.95 per monthly payment. Go to Bluehost (this link will open in a new tab) and choose Get Start. We use WordPress web host and we will tell you more about it later. When you click WordPress Hosting, you will be redirected to a new page.

On the next page you can select youromainname. It is important to put some thought into the name of your website or blog when selecting a name. Unless you can imagine a good name for your domainname, using your first and last name is always a good one.

We strongly suggest using your name or a narrow variant of your name for a personal website. When you enter your selected name in the dropdown list, Bluehost will inform you whether this name is available or not. Once you have secured a domainname, complete the remainder of the registry page by proceeding as follows:

Once you have registered with Bluehost, you will receive several acknowledgement e-mails, containing important entry information. Your first stage is to complete the installation of your WordPress page, complete with the setup of credentials. Please verify your e-mail address as it contains the unsubscribe form that was sent to you.

Don't flip out if you click on the hyperlink and it says that your website is "not found". If you are creating a new website, it may take several working days before it is available to you. Take this opportunity to review the remainder of this manual so that you know what to look forward to.

WorldPress is like an OS for your website. Many large sites like The New York Times and Forbes use WordPress because it is so adaptable. The first time you sign in, you will be taken to the WordPress Dashboard: They will not have all the functions of my site because WordPress is adaptable.

But every WordPress website has the following: When you run a website in blog form, these are your blog postings. plug-ins - you can customise your personal website with the help of plug-ins that we will discuss below. Allows you to add your own website to your list of registered members (you are already a user) and administer your own members.

On the General page, make sure you refresh your page name, Web site url, e-mail adress, and timezone. You must use this page to decide how to set up your website. Topics are what makes WordPress surprising. Consider your design as the "skin" of your website.

My very first topic when I began in 2009, however, was a free topic. Once you have selected a topic, you can also customise your personal website with plug-ins. Principally, plug-ins are small software applications that help your website get better. Just go to the plugins -> Get New. Most important plug-ins you need to get going are:

Contacts 7: With this plug-in you can easily set up a contacts on your website. Exactly as it may sound, this plug-in links your website to Google Analytics and allows you to see what is happening on your website. It is a plug-in that makes small little symbols so that you can make links to them.

SummoMe: This plug-in is not quite a plug-in and can be set up here. Well, now that you've set up the infrastucture on your website, it's your turn to build the contents. To be honest, this is the most difficult part for most humans - it demands that you think creatively, and it may take a while if you have a great deal to say.

When you start a personal website, then here is what you MUST have: Add images, that's important. Contactside - Inserts a contactside. Please use the plug-in Kontaktformular 7 to help. Sociomedia Profile - Always connect to all your sociomedia profile. Long biography or CV - If you use this website as a personal website, attach a full CV of everything you have done.

What's great about our website is that you can create links and embed images as needed. Blogs (if applicable) - If you are trying to create a personal trademark on a subject, you should definitely blog about it. Media references (if applicable) - If you were ever "famous" and were featured in the media either on-line or off-line, please enclose the references.

They can also use your personal website to transform themselves into a personal trademark. It works well if you blog rigorously and have great contents related to a particular niche. What is more, you can create a blog that is both consistent and fun to use. Have a look at our guidelines on why each individual needs their own website. Well done - you've now launched your own personal website or blog.

Keep in mind that the great thing about WordPress and your own domains is that they can develop over the years. However, if you want to start a freelance carreer or become a solo preneur, you can use this personal website to be your home base for your company.

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