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There is much designers can learn from their personal portfolio website. Looking for professional portfolio websites? A graphic designer with a passion for life and design. Take a look at my portfolio and hire me for your online projects! ( personal, business and/or e-commerce websites), WordPress, web design, etc.


GRAFIK DESIGNBanner ads, book (or e-book) covers, business cards & stationery, flyers or posters, infographics, invitations, logo design, mockups, packaging, Photoshop editing or enhancements, presentations, social media design, T-shirts, etc. "WEB development of pages, web page design (personal, business and/or e-commerce sites), WordPress, web design, etc. "ONLINE MARKETINGBlog consulting, campaigns, promotions (web + social media marketing), search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

ยป Creating OTHERSeBooks, custom email signatures, sketches, video editing and post production, etc.

Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio

Design is a highly competetive, developing area with a wide variety of vacancies across many industries." Learn how to build a graphic design portfolio is the lynchpin of differentiation among a large group of jobseekers. A number of brand names will look for particular skills and a portfolio will show these skills.

" As you think about how to build a portfolio for graphic design, it is important to make sure your portfolio contains the right information to make it clear who you are as a Designer and who would be working as an associate or agent. On the most fundamental layer a graphic design portfolio should be included:

Whilst certain information should always be presented to a prospective customer or employee, customisation is critical to creating your graphic design portfolio. It' s important that your portfolio does not only reflect your personal artistry and your own personal styles, but also the needs of the customer, business or agent to whom you are presenting the portfolio.

Imagine a graphic design portfolio as a flowing product, said Moffet, which changes with increasing skill, developing your personal styles and presenting your work to new and diverse customers. Your portfolio reviewers should provide information on how to choose and organise your past work samples to ensure that you always present your most pertinent work during the recruitment lifecycle.

"As you consider what you want to add to your portfolio, think about what your speciality is and what direction you want to take," says Hilary Coles, Drive Brand Studio artist manager. "Would you like to work for a computer marketing company that designs applications or websites? Don't put a lot of printed matter in your portfolio.

Most of my portfolio mediates this because my areas of experience are in the field of brands and work. "Personalising your graphic design portfolio also clearly shows who you are as a professional and shows your versatility," said Karolyn Masters, Country Executive Vice President Creativity at iPartnerMedia, a web design and online advertising group.

"Could make with graphite brush and a piece of wallpaper? Presenting the processes of your portfolio items promotes confidence in your designers, shows you how you have intervened in your project and the creative proces. With today' increasing use of the Internet, it is important that your graphic design portfolio can be presented in both tangible and intangible forms.

Whilst face-to-face printed portfolio are ideally suited for interviewing and meeting potential customers, face-to-face printed portfolio are useful when it comes to job applications, network building and looking for freelancers or consultants. The way you present a portfolio of graphic design digitally can range from a PDF of your actual printing portfolio to a personal website to a linked-in portfolio.

Irrespective of whether you are building a printing portfolio or a portfolio of graphic design digitally, the design of the portfolio itself is just as important as the work within the portfolio. Shaping your portfolio with a unified blueprint, colour chart and design element will develop your personal trademark as a design and help potential employer or customer better comprehend who you are.

Moffet said that the same amount of effort should be put into organizing your portfolio. "Organizing your portfolio is a way of representing who you are and how you think," she said. "Organizing a portfolio can show how you would manage more than one project in the offices. "Establishing a graphic design portfolio is a must if you want to prepare for a job in the graphics industry.

No matter whether you are working for a flourishing advertising firm, an in-house design firm or a self-employed free-lance design or consulting firm, a portfolio will present you and your skills to potential customers. Whereas a graphic design course of study is an important way of preparing for a graphic design career, a graphic design portfolio is the most important tools for finding a position in the office.

"I used the phrase "show, don't tell" when I was talking to jobseekers about portfolio.

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