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Buy Persoh once and get the free lifelong free upgrade at no surcharge! Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme is a contemporary, neat and slim theme that is encoded using the latest technology and is neatly and annotated. The Perosh is an appealing subject. The Perosh is ideal for personal portfolio metrics such as photographers and freelancers.

A Persoh document is attached, so you can look forward to it if you need it.

Best 18+ WordPress personal portfolio themes for 2018

A website with your portfolio is critical if you want to win more customers. WordPress portfolio site is also necessary if you are trying to find a position in a design studio or other company that wants to employ a professional to design, illustrate, create an architectural work or anyone else who wants to show off their previous work.

The simplest way to build a portfolio website is to use WordPress. In addition to the user friendliness, WordPress offers a variety of topics and plug-ins that make it simple to build art gallery and pictures and present them in a visual way. This makes WordPress a great option for portfolio sites.

This article introduces you to our best WordPress portfolio topics. Not only are the topics on this page nice, they also respond to the fact that your work looks good on smaller monitors. The portfolio topics have a wide range of choices to view your portfolio, and some of the ones presented here have also been optimised to quickly download and better position in your ranking.

Adios' personal portfolio theme has a sleek look and feel with a homepage that focuses on your past work. Portfolio pictures are arranged in a two-column raster that offers each picture a lot of room. Even select a different homepage lay-out and view your project with four different portfolio options.

Design is fully reactive and comes with a drag-and-drop page creator and a high-performance design option board. Invictus Theme offers a vibrant colour theme, an elegantly gridded homepage for your portfolio and lots of room to include a call to Action that will encourage your site users to review the remainder of your work.

In addition, this theme comes with a few powerful events plug-ins that are perfectly suited for planning a consulting unit with prospective buyers. Sprint Theme is a minimum WordPress portfolio theme with a breathtaking full width slide control on the homepage. On the homepage you can also view past products, reports and logotypes of past customer as well as your current position on the maps.

Santos theme is a good option if you own a creativity company and want to present your portfolio. Its design features a wide range of portfolio designs, pre-built block designs, and a drag-and-drop editing tool that makes it simple to manipulate any design. It is also possible to recreate a user-defined design from the ground up.

And Santos also offers nice paraallax designs, FontAwesome symbols and optimised coding for quicker load time and a better ranking in searching engines. Dreamy personal portfolio theme has a clear and concise design that distinguishes your work. Among the key characteristics are: Feodora's theme is a good selection for studios and agencies hosting websites with limitless pages and two different homepage variants.

It uses a drag-and-drop page creator to facilitate editing. Clients appreciate the functions and fast support: It' s a great topic and your service is great. WordPress Life Portfolio Theme has a box theme and allows you to present your portfolio and your service as well as creating nice galleries with light box or slide galleries.

Completely reactive, the interface is simple to customise and fully compatible with all popular postal file types. A further advantage of this theme is the fact that it integrates with WooCommerce, so that you can even include an on-line shop on your website. Look at the Infinitum theme if you want full creative freedom over the look and feel of your website.

More than 21 pre-designed pages and over 100 customizable items can be dragged and dropped onto any of your pages. You' ll also find a high-performance administration pane that lets you customize the preferences for every part of your pages. Naturally, the theme contains all the other functions necessary for portfolio sites, such as a testimonial, a contacts page, various portfolio options and much more.

Metis' theme is suitable for both free-lancers and agency clients who want to present their portfolio. Available in a bright and black finish, the motif looks great regardless of monitor height thanks to its appealing styling. Among the key characteristics are: Cubez WordPress's personal portfolio theme is a good choice if you want a blackback.

This theme comes with several uniquely designed portfolio layout and attractive transitional effects. Look at the Qusq Pro theme if you enjoy the lean style trends. Featuring strong colour patterns, this theme is a good option for designers or designers. Easy to set up and customise, as it doesn't have a barrel of bell and pipe to set up, this theme more than balances out your portfolio with its colourful and distinctive look.

Norebro's theme covers not only a wide range of portfolio designs, but also a wide range of hidden effect and custom pages to present each and every one of your projects in detail. This theme is also completely reactive and optimised to quickly download. The Visual Composer plug-in lets you manipulate the page design and the Revolution Slider slide show to make your slide shows astonishing.

Alinti' s theme is very light, which means your portfolio website loads quicker. Present your portfolio, your members of the teams and your previous customers' featured messages. Further remarkable characteristics are: Featuring a contemporary look and feel, the theme is delivered with multiple ready-made layout options that focus on raster and portfolio work.

Completely reactive, the design comes with Visual Composer and some other premier plug-ins so you can build a high-performance portfolio website. Styles via fluid animation and a multitude of easy-to-edit layout AND that looks just as fantastic on the phone (which has been my top priorities for 3 years, and now customers too at last agree) ANDMAZING!

Oscar theme is ideal for portfolio, agencies, freelancers and small businesses sites with minimum and light design. This topic covers several portfolio country pages, extended UI items and various display formats. There are also single pages of projects and an extended theme option pane for simple customisation. Aoki theme provides a standard across-the-board portfolio design.

Its design is very adaptable and allows you to modify any part of your website, from type and colours to borders, cushions and more. Optionally, you can choose a different design, such as brickwork or grids, and thanks to a large selection of interior pages, you can present your service, your members and more.

Kaster's theme has a clear look that is ideal for agencies, studios, web developers or any freelancers who want to present their portfolio and grow their customer base. This theme has an integrated call completion and beautiful para-lax effect options for call to action. What's more, the theme has an integrated call completion area. In addition, it contains a number of useful shortcuts and an appealing look.

Albedo Theme is a very adaptable and reactive WordPress theme for portfolio sites. Quickly and easily set up the demonstration with just one click and use Live Customizer to customize the theme look. Loft is a wonderful WordPress portfolio theme with a contemporary and neat look that allows you to present your past project and present your past client references and people.

Dendrite's theme may look easy, but it's got a big blow under the bonnet. This theme features literally thousands of imaginative items and a series of home page demonstrations that can be easily uploaded with a click. Multiple portfolio layout files are also provided, as are several hundred customisation possibilities. Its design is also optimised for quick charging and looks great on any monitor.

As soon as you find a topic you like, there are a few plug-ins you may want to try out to get the most out of your WordPress portfolio page. While many of the WordPress portfolio topics on this page (such as Metis) have been optimised for searching machines, the installation of an advanced WordPress plug-in will give you even more power over your website.

You can customize meta-descriptions not only for your contributions, but also for portfolio elements and other pages on your website. They can also use the addition of Open Graph tag and other functions to help you achieve a better ranking. You will also want a newsletters plug-in like Ninja Popups for WordPress so that prospective customers who are not quite willing to employ you can subscribe to your e-mailinglist.

Several of the WordPress topics on our mailing lists include an integrated Infinitum style feedback request page. When the design you choose does not offer this feature, you will need a request for information such as request 7 so that prospective customers can get in touch with you. Adding a planning plug-in to your WordPress Portfolio site makes the recruitment procedure easier for those who are willing to recruit you.

The addition of a shared plug-in helps your users to split your blogs, resulting in increased traffic to your site and introducing your service and portfolio to new prospects. Using a plug-in like WordPress Social Shares Button makes it simple to append shared button to any posting or page on your website.

The creation of a portfolio website is simple with WordPress and the right theme. Search our WordPress Portfolio Topics to find the one that's right for your website and start your portfolio today.

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