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The personal portfolio of Krista Gray is simple yet appealing. Fifty of the best personal website and portfolio examples in 2018

When you are a college kid (or anyone, really), you need a website. Although you know the basics of technology, the options for designing, laying out and texting are almost limitless. It is a collection of 50 of our most popular personal website samples from the web. This way, if you want to create a website with a specific intent or need hints on how to create it, you can jump to the appropriate section:

At the beginning we have a compilation of some professionally designed stand-alone websites. It may not be the kind of website you need as a sophomore, but you won't be in school forever ( which would mean we would fail at our job). Even if you take a full-time position, you can still get to know a great deal about personal Branding by learning how these people created their websites.

He is an experienced speechwright and has used this expertise to provide on-line training for others who want to understand how to talk in front of the audience or how to enhance their current language business. Things you can lean from the website: However, he does not disregard the value that results from a personal website.

Personal Identity branding - Al is not a traditional type, and his website designs reflect this by using a black-yellow colour pattern resembling a warning band and a gravelly script to show his person. Non-traditional brand-name - Dr. Kinnear calls himself a "doctor preneur".

Here is what you can pick up from her website: Today James is a books coaches, editors, ghostwriters and a personal friends. Things you can lean from the website: Branding - With the protected sentence "The Master Wordsmith" James shows that his work is of the highest qualit. Maybe you think that as a college graduate you don't need a website; isn't a LinkedIn profil enough?

When you' re a college kid, you really need a website. They took our suggestions to heart to create a personal blog/website (they even added an impossible list!). She is an excellent free-lance author with a website that presents her work and tells her own tale. They can do the same whether you are providing professional service or just want to attract traffic to your portfolio.

Horton's was one of the most welcoming designs for me (and did we say that Kimberly is only a freshman?). Start Here Page - The Start Here page is a strategy used by many on-line shops, but Kimberly shows that you can do the same with great success with a personal website.

There are also many places where you can find out more about them, such as your CV, your linked-in profiles and your blogs. Here is what you can pick up from his side: The next thing we look at is a collection of websites of personalities from the world of work. However, all of them have great websites that can tell us a great deal about creating websites.

Actually, it's our most popular takesaway from his side: Here is what you can learn: Here is what you can pick up from his website: Projekt Shop Window with Character - Hank has done many different things as he acknowledges with humor in the first line of his About page. Concise example- John gives you everything you need to know about his key achievements in one part.

There is also a hyperlink to find out more if you are so tempted. Though Teju Cole is one of my favourite writers of the present, I had to integrate his website, especially after seeing their clear styling. Here is what you can find out from Cole's website: I have already mentioned a little personal branding in this article, but next I would like to look at some websites that destroy it by showing the website owner's character and styling.

However, it is a lesson about how to use photographs on your website to present your character, whatever that may be. Self-styled Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison operates another of my favourite TV shows on YouTube: Here is what his website can tell us about branding: Cutting-edge trademark - "Blind Film Critic" must be one of my favourite trademarks on the web.

Tom Scott operates a sewer in which he scouts astonishing places, things you may not know, and much more (his sewer is kinda difficult to understand, but really funny to look at). It uses its seat to present this work and to promot its lecture work.

Here is what he can tell you about branding: It is our pleasure to present the work of other individuals who help the pupil to be successful in colleges, and Clarissa Rodriguez is one of them. It provides an on-line course on academic competencies and personalised academic guidance. If you look at their website, you can also find out some important lesson about personal branding:

Unorthodox way of contacting - There's a great deal I like about this homepage: the photos and writings have a great deal of character, and the sound of the letters is inspiring and supporting. My favourite part is how Clarissa incorporated a Facebook Messenger touch screen into the website. Regardless of which page you are on, you can click this icon to immediately associate with Clarissa in a way that is more personal and immediate than an e-mail or conventional enquiry sheet.

Papadopoulos is the creator of MetaLearn, a methodology and a set of classes that teach you how to do things on your own. This website also has an excellent branding: Besides posting and modifying blogs for this website I am also working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Moreover, the site is a work of art of personal branding:

Convincing Slogan - This page could have gone to the " Design " section lightly because it mixes text with a big picture, but the most important factor for me is how it underlines Matthew's promotional state. "Learning from a professional SEO" is exactly what I and everyone else who wants to know about learning how to handle a professional situation want to see (who would want to know about an amateur?).

Adney is ConvertKit contributor and creator of the ConvertKit blog and creator of the novel Communities Colleges Success. Here is what your website can tell you about branding: Integrate your services - Isa has been featured on domestic TV as well as Amazon's #1 novel about Fellowship Colleges. It ensures that these services are highlighted in the page bar of your website, which you can also consider in order to present your services.

Here is what your website can tell you about branding: If you are an artists, then it makes sence to present your artwork as prominent as possible in your weblog. That' what Shanice Miller's history tells you; she made so many grants that she actually received $10,000 to go to school.

Autoritative Logotype - My favourite part of Shanices website is the logotype above, with a fat "debt free" postmark. Next we come to the theme part of this manual. A lot of these pages show the work of graphics, products or UX artists; it is not surprising that they are well made. Others show the work of writers, photographs and thought thinkers and show that you don't have to be a webmaster to have a convincing website on.

Like you would want from a designer's personal website, Edna's website can give us some important lesson in design: Pictureinks - I like the way the presented pictures are linked to elements of Edna's portfolio. It is an ideal way to present a wide range of portfolio works neatly on one page.

She is one of my (other) favourite writers of the present, so I was pleased to see that her website is also an outstanding example of design: Minimumism with Character - The picture you see above is exactly what you see when you go to Roxane's website. It has no extra text or pop-ups - just a single bottom line with a link to everything a user wants to know, supported by an appealing geometrical outline.

That " one and a " is also a neat brand-ingouch. This site is a designer masterpiece: Tasty Animation - The use of motion graphics in your website is difficult to be good at. However, Carli shows that it is possible to create personalities with the help of entertainment without disturbing or diverting website users. When you have the capabilities and the designs of a chop to do this, you should definitely incorporate motion into your website.

The Diogo Correia is a college graduate, designer and musician. What struck me most about his website was its design: Unorthodox Portfolio Designs - I like how Diogo uses a time line instead of a conventional portfolio page. Here is what we can learnt from your website: There is no question, even before I have seen the portfolio here, that Anna knows her things when it comes to designing.

These are my favourite parts of the design: Succinct Style and Navigational - Scott has direct access to all his different project sites on the home page of his website. Intensive Minimumism - This is the theme of the page in this article. Here is what you can pick up from the side:

It could have been included in the "Design" section, but I think it's an even better lesson in effectively copying the site: Here is what you can get from Joel about how to write web page texts: Joel and his website show a strategy that you can use when you write a synopsis of what you are doing: choose 3 things.

When you are a college or college leaver seeking on-the-job education at a distant start-up, you should take a look. Yet he does this while still being able to talk about his career goals and fun person. Convincing tale - Pat contains a brief flap on this page of his website that appeals to the reader and encourages them to find out more.

When you want to launch a blogsite, you should do it! Below are some of my favourite blogs: The Scott Young Blog will cover all facets of how to study independently. No matter whether it was finishing MIT's computer science syllabus in a year or not learning English for a year, Scott's experiment is an inspirational experience for anyone who wants to study outside the classroom. Learning is a great way to get to know the world.

Here is what he can tell you about launching a blog: Record your experimentation - you don't have to be an authority to launch a blogs. But you don't have to be so ambitioned to put the same principles into your blogs. Clear James Clear contacted many different topics on his blog, as his about page explained.

However, my favourite part of James' blogs, the thing that makes me come back for new posts is this: It is a success story, with almost unlimited possibilities for new contents (one of the most frequent problems when launching a blogs is that the things you can post about run out). Eliason has an outstanding blogs, as well as one of my favourite e-mail newsletter on the web.

It was a great source of motivation for me to give up a conventional career and show myself that you don't have to have a major theme for your blogs. So the most important thing that emerging blogs can learnt from his website is: It' an inspirational personal blogs strategy, one I can recommend to you if you just want to launch a blogs to write down your thoughts without the aim of starting a company (which has a very different line of thinking).

Turning to his book Steel Like to an Artist, I show your work when I need it, and I am also an enthusiastic supporter of his everyday blogs. They can do the same no matter what kind of work you do; use your blogs as a place to present your advances.

In addition, his textbooks on collegiate achievement were powerful when Thomas launched this page and remained on our student readership. It shows that you don't have to spend long writing blogs to have a precious blogs; a brief, informative article can be more precious than a long, swollen one.

In order to complete this article, I would like to emphasize some of my preferred portfolio pages. ristin Wong is a personal financial journalist and creator of the Get Money series. Here is what you can pick up from her website: Frost is a free-lance journalist, marketing expert and most recently publisher of the HubSpot Sales Blog.

When she was a college graduate, she began to write and earned enough to repay her college loan and establish a steady flow of revenue before graduating. Here is what you can pick up from her website: Find out what you can find out about portfolio building on Adil's website: Refreshed case histories - Adil has refreshed the case histories presented on his portfolio page.

If you are a college or college graduate, you can do the same with a project you've worked on for class, or with things you're working on outside of class. One-sided portfolio de-sign - On only one clear page Martin enumerates all his interests and achievements. Here is what you can pick up from her website: Pictures are convincing - In Ashley's case, the best way for her to present her work is to put the pictures right on the front page.

Here is what his website can show you about portfolio creation: Highlight Role - The first thing a visitor to his website sees is an integrated movie showing his latest work. However, even if you don't have videos to present, you can still have a videotape that shows your different work ( although this may be simpler to do for some kinds of work than for others).

He is a graduate designer and production technician. Here is what you can pick up from his portfolio website: It' an unorthodox way to use motion pictures in your website look instead of simply pasting them onto your designs. Once you've made it this far, you really need to dedicate yourself to building a personal website.

For more information on how to build a personal website, take a look at our other guides:

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