Personal website Wordpress Theme free

Wordpress personal website theme for free

There are great features that will help you create the website you want:. WordPress brickwork for personal blogs, with dark skin and minimalist design. For a copywriter who needs a simple yet elegant personal website, Max Paxton Lite is a lightweight, free WordPress theme.

Best 10 Free Free Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Blogs are a great thing that connects with your interests, your hobby, your personal lives, your eating, your fashions and much more. When selecting the best WordPress theme for your upcoming blogs, it's important..... Blogs are a great thing that connects with your interests, your hobby, your personal lives, your eating, your fashions and much more.

When selecting the best WordPress theme for your upcoming blogs, it is important that your blogs look great, professionally, competently and simply. Ensure your blogs have an appealing web layout that ensures that every user has a good website viewing experience, no matter what they use. Bello, you can get some stunning free WordPress Personal Blogs topics for free WordPress Blogs for blogs, portfolios, journals, fashions.... hopefully you can pick one and launch your personal blogs today!

Your personal blog today (free)! More Time Lite is a neat and easy free WordPress theme with a fantastic look, ideal for a personal blog, family blog, journalist or anyone who likes to communicate their daily thoughts in a very professionally and interesting way. There are great functions that will help you create the website you want:

LogoLife is one of the best free WordPress blogs topics for personal blogs. User-defined backgrounds, headers, and different colour scheme give you the ability to customise your blogs. Main features: Anyissa is a nice and sexy WordPress blogs theme, available in the free and paid versions.

Its design is engineered to look great on all displays, and it is fully compliant and WooCommerce ready, so you can use it to build your own store now. Main features: The Juliet is a free, nice and sexy Free Personal WordPress theme specifically developed for mode blog, life style and personal weblogging.

There is a striking styling that offers a collection of incredibly prolific and feature-rich theme functions for personal pages. WooCommerce is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly and easily configurable. Main features: Multi-blogs feed ads, etc. Blogs Way is a contemporary, neat and personal blogs theme, perfect for travelling, blogs and lifestyles.

Comes with nice styling, it's simple to set up and it has a wide selection of functions. So if you want a minimalist blogs that can be adapted without a programmer, you should have a look. Blogs Way has a premium release that contains a few other related Widget's.

Main features: 100 percent responsiv etc. The ZBlack Lite WordPress theme is just the thing for you if you want to tell the tale of your lifetime, tell your great memories and emotions, or tell about your personal trip. Its design is an sleek and easy WordPress blogs theme, fast to respond and retinal, easy to customize and has many great functions.

Main features: The Activello is a perfectly neat and easy to use WordPress blogs theme specifically designed for lifestyles, fashions, food, travelling, sport, etc. Designed to be fully reactive and mobile-friendly, it comes with multiple user-defined Widgets and a full-screen slide bar to present your contents in a stylish way. WooCommerce integrates Activello so you can build a fully operational e-commerce website.

One of the blog's topics is also SEO-friendly and helps you to reach the highest rankings on Google. Main features: The Ascendant is a multi-functional Free WordPress theme, packed with functions that allow you to create different types of content - from portfolio to service to team members.

This topic is particularly suitable for the design of event-oriented web sites and agencies. Main features: WordPress is an elegant and nice free WordPress theme for your personal weblog. Developed specifically for playwrights, scriptwriters, bloggers as well as reporters. Fast reacting, easy to use and with more great functions. It comes with a number of layouts and user-defined broadgets that provide an excellent read experience for the reader.

Update to Writee Pro for other functions. Main features: The Baskerville is a free, stylish and attractive WordPress theme designed to present many different kinds of contents, hence the slogan: "WordPress theme for hamsters. "It' s reactive and retina capable and comes with full width headers, full mail format assistance, user-defined message-upload, user-defined widgets (Video, Flickr and Dribbble), four-page layouts (including a contributor template), text editing style, such as ZillaLikes plug-in capabilities and ready-to-translate codec.

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