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Would you like us to setup and run your design like the demonstration? Each theme comes with default and custom themes, as shown in the demonstration. Modify the look and feel of your design with the built-in colour selector directly on the Wordpress natives customized tool. Each theme comes with a full range of Google Font Libraries.

Every theme works with the latest web environments: Each topic is structured with a perfect flowing, reactive frame. Do you want your design to look exactly like the demonstration? Below is a small example set of files that you can download after installing the theme. Our topics are coded to work with contents and achieve results.

Automattic Wordpress Theme Teams follows policies to make sure our topics meet Wordpress industry norms. Since WordPress keeps growing and changing, you will need topics that do the same. You are new to WordPress or install your own design? Every theme comes with a.pot, which makes translating the theme a cakewalk.

Understanding that using WordPress or a new theme can be frightening. The theme choices can be directly customized in the WordPress Theme Customizing tool in all our free designs. There is a wide range of top quality topics at great rates.

Best 31 Best 2018 WordPress Topics for your online resume using your Card

Handpicked listing of the best WordPress vocabulary topics developed to present your CV and your wallet. Those are prime topics with high-quality designs, qualities and functions. Nowadays it is a must to write your own CV on-line. LinktedIn may be enough for a CV, but you still need your own personal profile to present your work.

The following are the best of the best WordPress topics available, which have been created for ease of set up and management. Many of these topics have infinite colour variation or at least several colour scheme that you can select. Well, I suppose you'll have a tough job choosing a theme you want to use because they're all great.

In order to be a high-quality card site, you need to be able to present information that is important to you while preserving a look that is pleasing to the eye. By integrating iLightbox, Slider Revolution and Layer Slider, you can achieve savings totaling $86. Any of these add-ons can enhance the features of your card site for a better browse and customize experience.

This topic will enable every vendor to attract the interest of the employer. It is a multifunctional utility that allows you to create very different pages without having to know that you are still using the same theme. It' s even completely true to say that Divi is a WordPress theme for yourCard.

Keep looking and begin creating your CV now. Various web items, intuitional and efficient topic option panels, RTL-enabled, translation-enabled, there's really nothing Divi is missing. Yevelin is one such WordPress topic that can be called almost arbitrary. When you are after the setup of a card, Jevelin is a good side screen that will help you to make it happen.

Jevelin comes out of the box with multiple demonstrations, all of which are uniquely contemporary, perfectly suited for the advanced web-surfer. However, this is only the beginning of this WordPress theme giant. This means making sure it follows your personal make, your abilities, your experience and everything else that comes to the T. What's really great about Jevelin is the fact that you don't have to be a programmer to get things going.

The handy pull & dropdown page lets you even design customized layout that best fits you and your on-line portfolios and resumes. Massively Dynamic is a stunningly visual and deep customizable, amazingly contemporary and appealing, richly intuitive and wonderfully diverse and wonderfully agile, technically accomplished and unbelievably intuitively reactive WordPress multi-purpose website creator for businesses and corporations.

Designed by a committed ecosystem of professionals who work together to create a mature, extremely intuitively, sophisticated and sophisticated webmaster experience for every aspect of the webmaster's daily lives to create compelling, high-quality web sites across a variety of businesses, professions and sectors.

Featuring a variety of useful, time-saving template and demonstration sites that can be easily delivered via one of the easiest and most intuitional importer tools on the web today, Massive Dynamic is simple and airy to start with, while fully customising the look and feel of your website with Adobe Website builder has never been so accurate and rationalised.

An attractive, beautifully crafted video card artwork allows you to create your CV or video card in just a few moments with state-of-the-art presentations, style and animation to captivate the most discerning employer. Potassium is a contemporary and stylish, fashionable and stylish, crisp and sophisticated, very reactive WordPress website WordPress multi-purpose resource, portfolios and web store theme.

Based on a robust foundation as a toolset for creative people, experts, organisations and people in general to easily assemble the most demanding contemporary web sites in just a few moments without ever having to type a line of coding. Potassium is based on the amazing Visual Composer Page Builder and its easy-to-use graphical drag-and-drop user experience.

In combination with the Premier Revolution Slider and LayerSlider, Potassium is an airy way to create beautiful web pages. An ample set of demonstration sites makes the set-up process easy and straightforward, while the functionality for creating your own portfolios, layouts and styles, along with the 30 preset portfolios that you can choose from, make Potassium a sound companion for any professional trying to get their work perceived by your employer or client, with a host of customisable functionality and functionality for your limelight that exactly matches the sound and styling of your work.

Featuring a high-performance, state-of-the-art vCard template, splitting your CV is an easy task with full featured downloading and socially shared functions to get the right person to hear the right words faster. It is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress theme created with professionality in mind. Featuring a dozen home pages and demonstrations to select from - and even a children's theme.

Manufactured with Visual Composer and 260+ building bricks. It' a theme that will inspire you to unleash the creativity of each one. Upgrade your card to the latest version with its great specialised functions! Get 7 pages of portfolios, wallpapers, video, photos and more. Fast-reacting and user-friendly, this utility keeps an eye on detail.

You can even use animation and slider revolution! First you can use Slider Revolution and Minimal Forms to create your own game. Take yourself to the next stage of professionalism! The FatMoon is a targeted and challenging, extensive and extensive, simple to use and very intuitively fast reacting WordPress multi-purpose website theme for creating photograph.

Designed as a webmaster Web site with or without prior engineering expertise, it allows you to build the most stunning, demanding and advanced Web sites on today's web markets in just a few moments, without writing a line of coding. There are 41 general and specialized conceptional demonstration sites to help you find the right solutions for your projects, regardless of type or sound.

Specialists like to use FatMoon to present a powerful, expressive representation on their CV sites, CV sites, on-line portals and similar related sites. Because FatMoon knows how to make your music popular, and if your music is your pro copy, customers and employees will appreciate your work, which goes beyond captivating Parallax wallpapers with hard- and software and HTML5-based movie wallpapers, in addition to FatMoon's beautifully crafted layout, picture galleries and photo artwork, which you can quickly customise with the Visual Composer Page Builder premium draft and dropdown plug-in and the Revolution sliders advanced sliders plug-in.

The Bateaux is a colourful and young, refreshing and contemporary, proffesional and modest, quick and reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. This is the culmination of a painstaking redesign effort by a committed designer and developer community, aimed at creating a lean, seemless environment that allows multiple background audiences to easily build stunning Web sites in just a few moments without ever having to look at a line of coding.

This is a great topic for programmers with or without programming knowledge who need to publish professionally designed contents quickly and effectively. And Bateaux is beloved by experts around the globe who find in Bateaux a powerful allies when it comes to presenting their CVs to prospective clients or employees within a huge on-line audience through the highly interactive Blueprint Page builder, designed in-house to provide an app-like administrative environment that handles most designs and developments in a timely manner.

Brand is an attractive and professionally, user-friendly and intuitive, appealing and reactive WordPress one-page multi-purpose website theme. This is a straightforward and straightforward one-page website theme developed for Web masters of any qualification or expertise, with or without programming skills, that enables them to build functionally advanced Web sites across a range of application and Web site archetype types in an elegantly one-page layout and with a variety of advanced, state-of-the-art functions.

Crammed with page layouts and home page demonstration sites for a variety of specialized and general uses, however, it glows particularly bright when used as a pro website theme for iCard. Brando's slim one-sided appearance and polished aesthetics make it a great choice for specialists to present themselves to the outside worlds and prospective customers or employees in a serious, neat and professionally focused limelight that leaves a permanent impact.

Featuring comprehensive asset management capability under the bonnet, Brando can provide your works and performances with an attractive setting to present to your audiences, with a variety of navigation modes, motion graphics, transition and fine-tuning and brand-building features. Glitch is a fabulous and one of the best WordPress topics with a variety of different choices and choices for your upcoming website.

Featuring fast-reacting and retina-capable web designs and rimmed layouts, skill bars with percentages, CV timelines, and a breathtaking and classified portfolios grids, this and more is what you can expect from Glitche. In addition, Glitche is optimised for unbelievable power and provides a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience for all your card and on-line applicants.

Hang them with an attractive and imaginative web site and get new leads regularly. Inkubator is a contemporary and sleek, classy and sleek, proffesional and targeted, fast and easy to use WordPress start-up company website theme. Developed by a talented art and programming staff who want to give Web masters from all areas of their lives a fully-fledged platform that allows them to build their own individual, fully functioning Web sites in just a few moments without the need for programming.

Professional users like incubators because it allows them to easily build their own personal touch screen portfolio to present their past work or best performance, incorporates many necessary advanced functions such as advanced community messaging functions with user-defined button and animation, amazingly soft scrollability thanks to hardware-based Parallax control and full natively portable usability and cross-compatibility with bootstrap, and much more under the bonnet. vCard sites take advantage of the incubator's advanced download functionality as well as practical demonstration sites.

The LeadEngine is an easy-to-use, highly reactive and highly innovative WordPress multi-purpose website theme. The theme provides the webmaster from all areas of living profiled results with zero encoding. Build compelling personal Web sites and let the outside know what you're about. Personal Hosting Demo shows your project and services in an excellent way.

Experience the Personal Brands revolutionary with a superior business cards on-line. Orebro is a WordPress theme that can be used for various business activities. There are more than 90 shortcuts and it uses Visual Composer as its page builder. Now Norebro is prepared to make your resume a " hit " with Slider Revolutions and WooCommerce. The Bionick is a stunningly technical and beautifully simple to use, esthetically appealing and eye-catching, visually appealing and very catchy, bold and imaginative expression, smoothly flowing and immaculately polished, contemporary and appealing, simple to use and customise, highly reactive WordPress Personal CV, video cards and web site content section.

An intentional and beautiful theme designed as an easy and intuitively designed tool for creation pros who need a sturdy and dependable box of soap from which they can distribute their work and information to a broad on-line public of prospective employees, customers and other interested stakeholders in a classy, streamlined and slim way that allows them to communicate their creativeness while staying a consistent, visual whole with profound functionalities and enchanting motion and transition.

Built on a powerful HTML5 base, Bionick has been comprehensively designed with state-of-the-art CSS3 dynamics scripts and stunning, gorgeous hardware-based Parallax video affects, all expressed through a versatile and lightweight bootstrap frame that makes Bionick easy to use and seems to be endless.

In addition, it's simple to use, with a website build based on the Microsoft Vision Composer plug-in, with a set of handy, useful widgets and shortcuts that make splitting your card simpler than ever, with extensive customization capabilities for enhanced multimedia inclusion and optimum functionality for presenting your corporate assets to anyone of any size.

Sympathy is an unbelievably slim and esthetically minimalistic, subtile and discreet, sensitive and sophisticated, goal-oriented and inventive, contemporary and imaginative, colourful and personal, appealing and simple to use, high customisable and ultra slim, intuitive and fast reacting WordPress personal card website theme. Quiet and entertaining topic developed solely with the intention of revolutionising the sharing of pro-credit information via web-based media.

With ambition in its design, of course, vCard provides a streamlined design that is brought to the point by the WordPress Live Customizer, amazingly easy to customise, with thousands of extended configurations and selections available to you to quickly create lofty, detailed, accurate and pro web sites without having to type a line of coding, regardless of your backgrounds or your past experiences.

Empathy takes flexibility in picture and movie management for granted, while a variety of user-defined Widgets include Flickr, Instagram, Picasa and more, as well as over 30 favorite community graphics and 600 Google fonts available through the WordPress Theme Customizer. Mater is a multi-purpose WordPress theme aimed at something creatively minded individuals and businesses.

Configure yourself with ready-made variants of your own product range. Mater is full of an appealing theme and more than 700 Google scripts and iconsets. Mater is fast reacting, so don't be concerned about its efficacy on equipment or browser. Each and every item on this topic is adaptable thanks to the Visual Composer Builders!

Mater becomes a premier with the inclusion of Revolution Slider, MailChimp and Contact Form 7. Do your card presentations by creating a good inventory to present your work. Mater is the right decision for your career prospects! Callyas is a slim and fast-reacting WordPress multi-purpose website theme designed creatively. This is an easy-to-use web site development tool that allows you to create attractive web sites without programming.

Commercial, personal and vocational uses are in their center. Featuring tonnes of demonstration sites and sample pages, there's nothing Kallyas can't do. Perfect for professionals who need a rugged on-line experience that' s easy to use. Breathtaking slide shows and beautiful display cases are also waiting for you in Kallyas. In addition, practical vendor card layouts allow you to promote your skills readily to prospective employer.

You' ll always make the right impact with the extremely customisable user experience. In Kallyas, you' ll find a dozen different customizers. The Kallyas is fast and interoperable with all platform and device thanks to Bootstrap. Smart Loader makes your web sites easy and effective. The One Page Pro uses advanced functions such as Revolution Slider, LightBox, WooCommerce and WMPL.

The Beoreo is a contemporary and vibrant, professionally crafted website and very refined, simple to use and intuitively, very reactive WordPress theme multifunctional website creativity. Developed and created as a spectacular, easy-to-master website for creating challenging, imaginative and unforgettable web sites for professionals, companies and agents who want to make their name known to prospective buyers and prospects, while being captivatingly recognised and promoted for their work on-line, while at the same time presenting their skills and expertise in a streamlined, unified way that is both smooth and minimalistic, yet at the same time individual and individual.

Featuring over 18 different beautifully landscaped home page demonstration sites, tens of headers, footers, sidebars, page breaks and navigational options, an inconspicuous UI that puts your contents first and focuses on your end-consumers, and tens of shortcuts and items that are solely for your personal comfort and easiness in communication of your services, experiences to date, and actual charges and bundles, among many more, Beoreo is the best and last introductory map you will ever need as a pro.

Cameleon is a nice and appealing, simple to use and ultra versatile, visually breathtaking and very reactive WordPress multipurpose website design creator. Featuring a state-of-the-art suite of utilities, functions, shortcuts, plug-ins and widgets that make it one of the most powerful and versatile topics on the contemporary digital signage scene, able to bend backwards to meet any graphic requirements and every style selection.

Featuring utilities like Visual Composer's premier draft and dropping page builders, the Revolution Slider slide show builders, a breathtaking Contact Forms 7 Live builders, and the WP live customizer, Kameleon has nothing you can't fully adapt to your own customizing needs without ever seeing a line of coding.

Kameleon's impressive set of line symbols and symbol fonts, infinite colour choices, tens of imaginative designs, and gorgeous CSS3 animation will make sure you make the right first impact. The Morgan is a stunningly intuitively, visually breathtaking, professionally sophisticated, reactive WordPress CV, video card and personal web site listing theme.

Relaunched, new website theme designed to give all types of Web masters the opportunity to successfully present themselves to the whole globe in an appealing, streamlined, contemporary style that is both easy and slick. It also includes Visual Composer to help you draw your items into your layout using your drag-and-drop preferences.

Helpful advanced functions such as the Download Resume pushbutton will leave potential recruiters in many areas and sectors with the right image. After all, nice portability skills and extreme reactivity ensure that your work reaches the ends of the world and looks crisp and retinal. Workshop is a lean and fast-reacting WordPress theme Web site WordPress resource site.

This is a great toolset for companies and experts to create attractive web sites. The workshop can obtain results in just a few moments and without programming. And you can use the workshop's advanced administrative theme preferences to make your pages effortless. Visual Composer lets you put your items into motion using simple click and drag-and-drop without sweating.

Specialists like the workshop as a place for their web sites. Using a wide variety of marquee utilities it is simple to present their abilities and abilities. In addition, your public will make impressive contact with Werkstatt with your CV. Optimised for advanced analytics (SEO), your web site will be perceived in the twinkling of an eye.

Workshop is very reactive and play well with equipment and plattforms all along the line. Squareeroot is an astonishing WordPress theme that can be used to create stunning CV, freelance or CV pages. This topic allows you to give your best and make an impression on your customers. Squareeroot is fully reactive and can be used anywhere.

Now you can use its 4 variants for your homepage and personalise some background. The personalisation functions provide the users with an infinite set of tools. Thanks to the gentle lax scroll, your CV will look astonishing. More than 240 symbol phonts are integrated into the design. The Savannah is a well-done WordPress theme designed for the creation of a personal online calling or CV that could help you strengthen your company and establish a long client base.

There is full responsiveness and works effectively on various types of equipment such as computer, smart phones, tables and iPhone. Included in the package graphic you' ll find a retro graphic of your application screen. In addition, the designers have created their advanced bootstrap-based layouts with neat and correct HTML5 and CSS3 encoding to keep up with the latest web page designs.

Savannah also features a one-click demonstration contents improver and contains LESS data sets for enhanced theme adjustment. In addition, the design comes with the Visual Composer plug-in, which allows you to easily build an infinite page out. Captivate the audience and enhance the interactivity in your personal life with the intriguing scrolling effect of your theme.

Furthermore, they designed the theme with pallax wallpapers and sophisticated HTML5 with slim HTML3-Animationen. A further important characteristic of this cutting-edge theme is its highly reactive isotope collection, which allows you to stylishly organise and present your work rehearsals. Built-in isotope plug-in allows you to build endless, beautifully rendered avatars with a contemporary look and feel and smooth animation.

The Savannah Contact Form 7 plug-in also works with Savannah, allowing you to integrate workflows into your card so your customers or prospects can interact with you anytime. Internationally, we are a company that is at the forefront of technology and graphic expression and very well presented, comprehensively designed, professionally and fresheningly, youthfully and brilliantly lit, minimally and cleanly, esthetically versatile and merciful, contemporary and appealing, functional adaptive and very reactive WordPress multi-purpose privacy, video card and web site theme.

Unique WordPress theme dedicated solely to the skilful and charming display of vocational, pedagogical and related merit, activity, achievement and experiences of an individual, company or organisation to prospective employer, client or just the whole globe. Ideal for creativity pros because its rich graphical extensibility and configurability is highly valued by graphics and web design engineers, application development engineers, photography companies, and performers, so they can present themselves to the outside worlds on their own and offer a comprehensive selection of brands and website identities that truly harness your creativity's expression capabilities.

With a variety of unique, progressive and high quality HTML5 card features, among them clever management of streaming videos and other assets, and smooth card insertion, IDENTITY significantly expands the capabilities of today's card presentation and identifies ways to open up potentially new areas of revenue. Looking for a minimalist and multi-faceted WordPress theme for your next work?

Consider purchasing Lambda WordPress theme. The Lambda is a neat and classy theme that you can use to create different types of websites for CV, company, shop, private, photograph and portfolios. You can also use this theme to quickly create a website by using the theme's One-Click Demonstration Finder.

In addition, this design is highly reactive and intuitive to adapt to all kinds of equipment. The Lambda comes with a WP Bakery Visual Composer with pull & dropping capability. They have also fully incorporated this theme into Revolution Slider, a mighty WordPress plug-in that lets you create motion slide shows for your unique website.

It also uses WordPress Theme Customizer, which lets you easily customize theme items. They' ve also merged this theme with the Isotope Gallery plug-in and offer boundless blogs option. Twitter widget embedded in this theme's Twitter based community symbols offer website visitors a great way to advertise their contents on various community network sites.

The Sanabel is an outstanding vcard/Resume WordPress theme that can enhance all the features of your site and help you attract prospective customers or employees. Thanks to the Visual Composer Premier plug-in, you no longer need to enter abbreviated code to personalize each page. Development has also added the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution free plug-ins.

It is a serious and serious, sophisticated and sophisticated, strong constructed and very dependable, technological versed and very user-friendly, adaptable and adaptable, contemporary and attractive, pleasing and innovating, well-structured and catchy WordPress multi-purpose commercial image. An issue that has been endowed with the rich power and formable functionality needed to meet the needs of a wide range of web apps, and while its sophisticated and unadulterated styling makes it a true match for commercial or enterprise use, blade really stands out when used as a WordPress web site issue.

When you are a pro from any sector or branch and want to make a powerful and permanent impact worldwide on your prospective clients or employees in a classy, sleek setting that really dents both your memory and your company, Blade is the theme you need.

Featuring subtle parallax virtual and soft scroll effect, your card stands out unobtrusively yet courageously from the masses. Electricity is the first and last topic you will ever have to buy. Unlike other multi-purpose topics, however, it somehow does not suffers from a shortage of profundity or sophistication.

And if you don't have web authoring expertise, you can simply refer to the full resource of theme doc. The Premium Layers is an intelligent WordPress theme that presents your information without frills. Its simple styling gives the designer more flexibility to create and personalise the theme that fits their own specific marketing needs.

Has a fully reactive lay-out that easily adapts to all kinds of equipment. You can also select from 8 default skin settings, select between bright and dim patterns, use multiple motion controls, and get the most out of the Font Awesome symbols included in the theme. Premium Layers has a filtering library in top of its functionality, allowing you to build, maintain and post a compelling library that you can easily refine with gentle motion graphics.

You can also include special effect and animation features to make your product range more appealing. It also comes with a working PHP Contacts page and fully integrates with Google Maps to help you reaching your prospective customer. Finally, the fully optimised coding makes sure that your website works effectively and works well in the browser. vCard is a minimalist vCard WordPress theme that will certainly attract the interest of all possible employer or customer who might come across your website.

WordPress 4+ compliant version encoded with HTML5 and CSS3 for simple website creation processes. Also, the low-key theme allows you to present your talent and abilities and work with ingenuity. In addition, the minimalistic theme gives you enough space to personalise the website templates. You can use cvCard as single-page or multi-page webpages.

This topic also contains user-defined shortcuts that speed up the creation of your web professionals profiles. When you' re not entirely happy with the look of your card, you can optimize certain aspects of the theme through the high-performance Theme Option panels to give your website a personal touch. cvCard's fluid flow of styles in your website's C3 interface will give your website a great transitional effect that will certainly impress your visitors, increase commitment and increase your page convert rates.

In addition, the website submission has great blogsupport that helps you get to your site and even build a reader base for your personal website. You can also use our integrated online advertising tool to advertise your card and spread the message. It also includes an individual enquiry request formula, localization prepared, tried and proven interoperable with all popular browser and specifically designed for effectiveness.

Unless you're a big WordPress enthusiast and think you can manage HTML, JavaScript and CSS on your own, you should check out these CV and card layouts.

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