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Top free & premium WordPress themes for blogs and personal bloggers. A clean and stylish universal blog WordPress theme for personal use. The Morning Time is a premium WordPress theme with a beautiful design, ideal for a personal blog. Themeforest Gallery's Litera is another elegant theme for personal bloggers.

The best blog WordPress theme is a perfect one for personal blogs, blog, content publishers.

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Tidy and classy WordPress theme for personal use. Built on the famous Layers WP Page Builder, which allows a broad palette of customizations. Best personal blogs are the WordPress theme of the classic-looking blogs. Clear styling, flexibility in typeface and clear legibility are the characteristics of this theme.

The best personal WP topic for blogs is fully reactive, mobile-friendly and 100% retina-compatible. Best personal WP theme for your blogs is Layers Page Builder ( It is not necessary to have programming skills to adapt this design. Any adjustment control is very easy and easy. Adjusting the blogseed is really efficient.

Configure the number of postings in grids, rows, channels, turn images, snippets, catagories and tag on and off, build more than one feed, and more. Layer is a WordPress theme and works directly with the integrated WordPress Customizer. Do you have any doubts that you can correctly setup the design and the demo?

Please get in touch with us after buying the theme and we will set it up for you for free. Should you have any queries before buying a theme, we are pleased to provide full details on how to use, customize and host the theme. Since we are the theme developer, we also know all the customizing functions and options.

Customization is an extra option that we can create for you. Best Personal Blog Research Theme allows you to use all Google Web Fonts. All necessary data can be found in the theme archives. The pictures you can see in the Best Personal Blog WordPress Theme are for previews only.

Best 20+ personal WordPress Blog Themes (Free & Premium) for 2018

WorldPress is one of the most versatile and efficient CMS on the market and is used by almost 74 manufacturers. It' s no wonder that blogs turn to WordPress when they choose to start a new one. Having a well-designed blogs theme can enhance the look and feel of your website and make it easy for your audience to browse through your website.

Topics that are specifically tailored to the needs of blogs and attract interest to them. While there are a lot of free choices, it is wise to choose a high-end theme with high-end functionality and add-ons. I think a blogger with a sense of style will approve when I say that choosing a theme for your blogs definitely makes the creation of a blogs pleasant.

I' ll run the rules in this post on some of the best WordPress blogs you can use - whether you're running a slot machine blogs or share your experience with the rest of the community. Essence is a nice, classy and challenging theme that is ideal for the contemporary Blogger. The design is powerfull, feature-rich and highly adaptable, so you can create a simple and easy way to create a blogs that mirrors your corporate image without having to hire a designer.

This essence has a number of different layout choices, a tagged slide bar, and user-defined info and community Widgets. And you can modify the look of almost any item in the theme, with a variety of color, typographic, background, text, and more choices. The theme also comes with a socially shared interface that helps you promote your contents and develop your followers.

Main features: The Solopreneur is a straightforward but challenging blogs theme that focuses on your contents. The best thing about this topic is that it was developed with the blogger in the back of my head and has blog-centric functions like a call to action at the bottom of the page and a last refreshed day.

The Solopreneur is built into Optin Form integration and integration with your existing Optin Form functionality so your webmaster can build compelling subscriptions. A further outstanding characteristic is that the theme is equipped with two landings pages that allow the user to increase the conversation rate with minimum outlay. Main features: WordPress The Traveler is a neat and contemporary WordPress theme developed specifically for the motionlogger.

The design has an sleek, grid-based design that focuses on your trip pictures - it's the ideal design for visually rich, image-heavy blogging. Traveler offers dozens of customisation choices, among them a choice of different themes and the possibility to modify the look of almost any item in the theme.

MeridianStyler lets you customize the color, type, background and more of your blogs to get the look that suits you. Main features: It can be hard to find a topic for blogs that not only looks good, but also offers an extraordinary browser viewing experience. What is more, you can't find a topic that's not only good-looking, but also offers an extraordinary browser viewing environment. The Palmas is characterized by a sleek yet stylish look that gives the site an artful look and attracts the interest of your customers.

It' also very reactive, which means that the theme can be opened effortlessly and error-free on any size display. In addition, Palmas also offers the essential theme customizer and sidebar widgets. What's more, Palmas also offers the latest in theme customization. Power is also very good, so the design will not decelerate your website. Main features: The Risa is a minimalistic blogs topic that allows blogs to do what they do best - blogs!

Designed to be light, well programmed and optimised to give your website visitor an unbelievable browser viewing sensation. This theme comes with symbolic elements of online content that are integrated into the uniquely designed side bar menus. The best feature about this topic is that your users, no matter where they are on your website, can always see your post.

A tempting menubar is available in which the user can browse to the submenu. Main features: When websites such as exposition and media arouse your interest, you will enjoy them. Using Inc, it' s easy for a webmaster to build a blogsite that's up to date with the latest designer fashions. The theme concentrates on telling stories and helping writers get their visitors' minds straight to the point.

Main features: Autor Pro is an enhanced, professionally designed theme for publishers that allows writers to present their works efficiently. It' s definitely a topic that' s definitely well worth a try if you have taken blogs to the next stage and wrote one or two of them. It' s infinite colour style and theme customiser give the user the opportunity to personalise their blogsite and make sure their reader gets the best possible browser viewing experiences.

Main features: When you are willing to take your blogs to the next stage (or even begin with a professionally looking blog), then Schema has you covered. What's more, it's a great way to get your blogs up and running. Fully reactive, multifunctional design offers a broad palette of high-quality functions. You not only get the customisation option, but the topic is also translateable and optimised for searching engines - two main drivers for the triumph of any first class blogs.

Main features: Nexus, by Elegant Themes, is a multi-purpose theme that is perfect for all types of blogsites. Best of all, it's basically a staple topic, which means you can be sure it presents your contents in a well-structured outline. When you think about starting a picture-heavy blogs, Nexus is one of the best out there.

This theme has integrated advertising space and a homepagebuilder that lets the user fully customise their own blogs right from the beginning. Main features: Walker is one of the most advanced topics there is, allowing a blogger to present their letter in an elegantly way, while at the same time giving it a contemporary feature that is otherwise difficult to find.

Among the characteristics we immediately noticed was that the theme contains Photoshop files, which makes it much, much simpler to create a project and make complicated adjustments. Standard theme typeface coupled with colour is fat, distinctive and eye-friendly - a feature rarely found.

Main features: The Karen is a light WordPress theme with a minimalist outline. Provides bottom-level socially accessible icon sharing so your blogs users can easily post your message to their favorite community sites. With this unique theme, blogs can view pictures almost anywhere on their page to follow the text.

Furthermore, the Karen theme is portable from the beginning and enables the webmaster to meet the needs of increasing levels of mobility. Main features: Brickwork floor plan has become increasingly popular in recent month due to its diversity. Quoting the designer behind this unique theme, "Publisher is an ecological collection album of photographs, video, audio and more".

The fully reactive design offers endless reloads, giving the user a unified browser viewing experience they won't want to overlook. Publisher's outstanding feature is that it allows the user to customise the overall design in near time, making it more personal and cohesive with their own corporate image. Main features: The Grand Blog offers the right tool for blogs to start a successfull blogsite right away.

The unique design includes more than 20 blogs that offer a variety of preset customisation choices. Undoubtedly, this topic was developed especially for the contemporary blogspott. Premier Feature for a Low Priced Theme - Grand Blogs is indeed a Great Blogs Theme!

Main features: For those of you who are absolutely passionate about blogs, it would be better to have a WordPress theme that can take charge of your potentially rich blogs. MyBlog's theme is a professional and eye-catching design that comes with two different homepage layout and slide control option right out of the box. MyBlog's theme is a professional and attractive design.

MyBlog's best feature is that the design is already optimised for the use of searching engines. Monetize your blogs right from the beginning! Main features: Influenced by the newspaper and journal layouts, SoloPine's Rosemary is a favorite selection of blogs and periodicals.

It' s fat subject matter and astonishing choice of types attract the readers and encourages them to read on. Main features: A WordPress theme, unbelievably simple to use, yet with an elegantly stylish touch. When you have a website in the fashion of magazines or newspapers, then this theme would be perfectly suitable.

It' s a contemporary design that goes well with any magazinestyle website that concentrates on the effective presentation of pictures. The responsiveness of a topic is a very important characteristic when it comes to selecting topics so that the topic fits into any display area of the user's machine - whether it's a cellphone, a tray or a desk top unit.

This theme allows you to offer your website visitor a rich browser viewing experience. What is more, you can also use this theme to create your own website. Main features: Unscramble is a WordPress topic that is accurate to the nearest pixels and ideally suited for blogs. Behind the curtain designers have developed over 30 Uncode Theme concept pages that allow the webmaster to select the one that best suits the needs of their website, and try out various choices when it's ready to give it a workover.

Its design is fully compliant with common plug-ins such as WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and WPML. The Uncode has an adaptable picture feature that recognizes the user's monitor display and scaling the pictures accordingly to give your users an optimum browser viewing experience. Uncode also offers an integrated user interface that allows you to customize the browser to your needs. This topic also gives you several different types of menus and modules to choose from.

Main features: Josephine is the perfect choice if you are looking for a professional, harmonious theme with a visual appeal. It''s a completely appealing look that makes sure your website looks good on every machine from which your traffic is accessing it. Easy to use, this light weight version is fully cross-browser compliant.

The Josephine is packed with customisation tools to help you create the website you want. In addition to all these great functions, you will also receive periodic topic related upgrades. Main features: The Divi is a high-performance and versatile design that can readily be customized for use in a personal blogs, portfolios, commercial or company websites.

The design offers a variety of adjustment possibilities and allows you to modify color, type, distance and more with ease. In addition to all these great functions, you will also receive periodic topic related upgrades. Main features: The Meridian Recipes is a trendy theme that was developed with an eye to foods blogging. Recipes for meridians is a feature-rich topic.

Non-distracting cooking modes and print-friendly prescriptions are two further useful functions. The Meridian Recipe makes it simple to create a high-quality, state-of-the-art foods blog from the ground up. Main features: With a good subject for a blogs, you can enhance the look and feel of your blogs and give your readership a read that they won't soon forget. What's more, a good topic for a blogs can be a great way to enhance your blog's look and feel. We' ve put together the above list of topics to give you a clear picture of the very best topics and help you choose one for your website.

What kind of blogs did you try? Which functions are you looking for in your perfect blogs theme? Do you have some topics you would like to suggest, please let us know in the comment area below.

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