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Email Topics - Email Help Select a theme to modify your Gmail wallpaper. Open Gmail on your computer. You click Topics Set Theme. Please click on a topic. Certain designs allow you to make changes using the Text Wallpaper, Vignette, or Blur button displayed below.

Open Gmail on your computer. If you click Designs.

Select an image or click feature. When your image looks blurred, try to upload a bigger one. Make changes to the design near the bottom area using the Text Background, Vignette, or Blur buttoms.

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See topics 2. Topics are made up of a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and a few pictures. And the easiest way to make a customized design for your college is to change the style sheet and pictures of an already created design. Please be aware that some extra colour scheme are already present and one of them may already meet your needs; be sure to do so.

You need all of the following functions to process your design: You can copy the directory with the name "/standard" into a suitable name for your new topic (avoid blanks or uppercase characters, e.g. "school name"). Unless you have immediate use of the servers (e.g. when working from your own computer), use your files transferring software to copy this directory to your computer's hard drive and name it.

Starting from the ground up or using a generic topic? Now you can begin changing the functions of the theme you just ripped, or change it to use a theme other than the higher-level theme. In this case, your theme uses the higher-level theme style as a basis and any changes you make.

user_styles' ;'styles_layout' ;'custom_corners' ; // Enter the name of the topic directory you want to use as the superordinate one. If you want to configurate your design, you need to know which colours you want to use. Write down which colours you want to use, see[1] for a complete listing of universal inks.

Here is a chart for which you need to select the colors: The best practice for selecting a colour theme is to make the backlight bright, the text dim and the links colours something between the two. Not two colours should ever be the same or almost identical.

They should also be avoided high-contrast colours such as a backdrop of deep reds and deep blues, which can be unbelievably difficult to light. Once you have selected the standard design and the colours for your new design, it's your turn to begin designing the new page. In the first stage, open the styles_color page in the directory you opened in your text editors.

Below must be refreshed within the opened filename. At the top of the page you will see a line labeled a:visited {. Delete everything after the semicolon but before the semicolon and substitute it with the name of your new linking colour. Now the line should appear as color: YouNewColor; Eight rows down from where you made your last modification, you will see a line called a:hover {.

As in the last stage, modify everything after the semicolon and before the semicolon to your new colour. Delete everything after the semicolon but before the semicolon and substitute it with the name of your new wallpaper colour. Modify everything after the semicolon and before the semicolon to the same wallpaper colour.

When you want the side bar speakers to attract more attention, you can turn this colour into something with the same colour, but thinner. The line at the bottom where you last modified your value contains the normal text colour. Substitute the #000 with your new colour as in the preceding one.

Now the line should be reading color:YourNewColor; keep in mind that although it may be attractive for you to use one of your own colours as a text colour, it will probably make it difficult for pupils to use. When you want to modify this from the standard darkness, you should choose a very deep hue to substitute for it.

You should store and exit this at this point. But the most difficult part is to know which style sheet needs to be changed to modify the look of a particular part. Entering the same rule in your user_styles. bss files with new value, you can modify the look of this item.

So the easiest way to generate this is to use the webservice in[2]. Using the Send Up button, please send us your initial company profile and click Next. Browse to the bottom of the page and modify the Save As check boxes to display GIF. Please click Resize Image! Duplicate the 100% px logos into the "pix" directory in your theme directory.

Return to the root of your topic and open the html "header" in your text editing program. If your design requires a clear name, it may not appear in the theme selection switch. Go to the index of your topic in lang/ and then to the index of your preferred languages (for English go to en/).

Each of these folders contains a filename that should be named theme_THEMENAME. php for example, if your theme is "squiddles", it would be theme_squiddles.php. When THEMENAME is not the name of your theme, change the name of the filename as it is. Next, open the data set. You will see that it will set several variable for renaming and viewing your design.

For example, you can call your theme "squiddles" internal, but you can change $string['pluginname'] to "A sequiddles oceanparty jamboree"). It is also possible to specify the thumbnail to use for your design in the theme selection.

Now you can switch your website to the new design in your admin area. This is your new topic!

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