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pound balance

Now you can check your EPF balance by SMS, by a missed call, via the EPFO app and the EPFO portal. It has become much easier for employees who work in an organisation to know the credit balance of the provident fund (PF). The Employee Provident Fund offers many ways to check EPF Balance Online.

Online EPF balance verification - Do you know the balance of your PF account?

Enabling staff to gain EPF credit, they can easily:. Verify the EPF balance, make sure the employers have your Universal Account Number (UAN) enabled. The Universal Account Number or UAN is unambiguous for all EPF programme participants. An UAN number is issued by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

As soon as your username is enabled, simply complete these steps: Stage 1: Register on the EPFO website. Select the "Our Services" page and select "For Employees" from the drop-down list. Stage 2: Now click on the "Membership card" under the " Services" button. Stage 3: The logon page is displayed.

Please type in your username and your username after it has been enabled. Once logged in, you can use your Marathi MAR for your Marathi membership to log into your XPF membership. Caution: You can check your EEPF balance by making a call to the authorized telephone from your number. It is only available if you integrate your KYC data with your existing channel network.

When you are not able to do so, you can call on the help of your employers. As soon as the UAN is included with your KYC data, perform the following steps: Stage 1: Send a missed call to 011-22901406 from your phone number. Stage 2: After you have made a call that you forgot, you will get an text message with your PF data.

Caution: To verify your EEPF balance, make sure your UAN number has been enabled by your employers. It is also possible to verify your EEPF balance by simply download the "m-sewa apartment of EPFO" from the Google Play Store. Once the application is ready, click on "Member" and go to "Credit/Passbook".

Stage 2: Then type in your username and your cell phone number. This system checks your cell phone number against your username and password. Once all your detail is checked out, you can see your revised balance detail within your update program. Or you can use this application to validate your own EEPF data. Once installed, you will find the XPFO options on the App's homepage under "Employee Centric Services" and can retrieve your XP information from your XP accounts.

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