Pharmaceutical Emulsion

Emulsions of pharmaceuticals

This book aims to classify and present the essential practical details of a large number of available pharmaceutical emulsifiers. Properties of an acceptable pharmaceutical emulsion. Usually these are oil and water emulsions, but they are dispersed and in many cases their durability depends on the pharmaceutical formulation. Lab for industrial pharmaceutical technology. Latest advances in pharmaceutical emulsion technology.


According to the kind of disperse phases, the emulsion is classed as: (i) oil-in-water emulsion (O/W): The emulsion in which oily is the disperse phases and aqueous is the disperse media (continuous phase) is referred to as oil-in-water emulsion. Dairy is an example of the oil-in-water emulsion.

Fluid pellets of grease are dissolved in running fluid. The emulsion in which said aqueous solution constitutes the disperse stage and said aqueous solution functions as a dispersing media is referred to as said aqueous solution. They are also known as oily emulsion. Mixed churns of this type are typically found in churns of this type.

Suspensions and emulsions for pharmaceuticals

M. Pharm Vignan Pharmacy College 1 Assistant Professor. PHARMACY VIGNAN PHARMACY. A pharmaceutical slurry is a crude emulsion in which the inner layer (therapeutically effective component) is evenly distributed over the outer layer. The inner stage consists of indissoluble solids ranging in size from 0.5 to 5 microns, held evenly by the suspended vessel by a singular or combined means of suspended matter.

The outer stage (suspension medium) is generally watery and may be an organics or oil based fluid for non-oral use. 6 Vignan Pharmacy College Inter Phase: Vignan Pharmacy College 8 OSA e.g.: paraacetamol suspensory anticides, metracycline HTML. Externally dispensed slurry, e.g.:Calamine Lotion.

Parenteral slurry e.g: Procain G Insulin G Insulin Zinc Slurry Classification Procain G Insulin Classification G on general classes: 14 Vignan Pharmacy College 14 Limitation Of Stoke's equation: Stoke's Stoke's equivalent for only:: Spherical nanoparticles in a highly diluted slurry (0,5 to 2 g/m2 per 100 ml) Precipitated nanoparticles that deposit free and without collisions.

Particles without being physically or chemically attracted. Compound HLB value for o/w Typ HLB value for w/o Typ Cottonseed Oils 6-7 - Petrolatum 8 - Beeswax 9-11 5 Paraffin Oils 10 4 Vignan Pharmacy College 39 Comparison of the HLB value of w/w and w/o Types of different compounds: 44. Vignan Pharmacy College 45 Water is added to the emulsifier and dispersion of the emulsifier to create a slime Small quantities of emulsifier are added with continual titration.

Oil is added to the emulsifier and added to disperse to create a slime. Water is gradually added with fast continual Titrations.

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