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Wordpress Phogra theme

The Phogra is a responsive and customizable WordPress theme for photography. You can download it for free: Phogra is a free, responsive and customizable photo portfolio. This was my interpretation of how a. Phogra is a free WordPress photo theme by Andrei Serban that could be a pretty good choice for your project.


The topic has not been updated in over 2 years. The Phogra photo collection is a fast reacting and adaptable photo album. Like all our template products, we've concentrated on ease of use across different handsets, beginning with the smartphone. That' s what a photo collection should be about: showing off your photographic abilities by displaying large photographs.

Therefore we concentrated on that and added a beautiful little menue to pack the things.

Clean theme vs. Phogra theme, which is better? 2018 in comparison.

We will compare today Theme with Phogra Theme to help you finally choose the best option for you. Below is information derived from actual information from our fellowship of true shopkeepers, co-workers, and hobbyists like you that allows you to make a truly undistorted purchase decision. The Phogra Theme is sixth in the Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes 2018 range and seventeenth in the Pure Theme range.

Absolute Theme dominated with an overall score of 3.3/5 star with 1 ratings, Phogra Theme users/editors with 2.9/5 star with 1 ratings. If there is not enough information available for the users to rate, this information is evaluated in live mode from validated ratings or editor ratings. If, at the end of this compare, for any reasons, you are not able to select between either The Pure Theme or Phogra Theme, we have added some useful alternative options such as Unconditional on the basis of our communities referrals.

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Not only is WordPress the world's most widely-used blogs application, it's also a high-performance web site analytics and web site analytics system that operates more than 23 per cent of all web sites. More than 20 million downloads have been made of the latest release alone, and the WordPress fellowship has developed more than 38,000 plug-ins to expand and improve the system.

Library users use this enabling technologies to build community-based Web sites, Weblogs, journals, professional journals, digital repositories, and more. A handy, convenient guide that takes the reader through the whole procedure of creating a WordPress Web site for their libary, providing hints and best practice on how to use topics and library-oriented plug-ins, and information on how to use WordPress to build non-traditional libary Web sites.

Regardless of the scale or resource of your Library, this handy all-in-one guide will show you how to enhance your website by putting it in WordPress through similar projects:

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