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Astounding 3 themes for your entrenched Android device & how to use it

And one of the things I like most about Android is how adaptable it is. It' s a market full of themes that you can use on different launcher, and if your Android machine is entrenched, you can even use themes on the entire system to change the look of the alert panel, button, and more.

However, it can often be a nuisance to search through the countless topics just to find the few good ones. At this point, this article and the N3xGen Topic Manager [No longer available] come into play. The N3xGen Topic Manager is a free app that provides a simple and convenient way to search and search many themes.

Let us take a look at how it works, and also at some of the better free Android themes out there. This app sees itself as a "theme market" and is therefore designed in such a way that it looks very similar to the new one. You will see on the home page the latest topics, each clearly identified with its own prices (so you don't have to spend your free money on topics if you only want the free ones).

Below is a taskbar that lets you browse the screen to see only ADW themes, LauncherPro themes, Android System themes, and Go! Start topics. Let's look at the System Themes section, which contains themes for the T-Mobile Chooser themer. Although you won't find the Chooser on the scene, it is part of CyanogenMod, a beloved alternate raw material that supports many different types of equipment.

Whilst you' re searching for system themes, you can move to the far-left to display other useful themes and enlarge exactly the themes you want to see: At the top you can see what the Mid-Support display looks like when you switch between "All Topics" and Categories. They can also be filtered by developers, free or chargeable topics.

Having seen how the app works, let's take a look at some of the nice themes you can explore with it. That'?s the subject itself: This whole thing felt a little square and hot. Let us look at another topic: But not everything you see above is part of the topic - it mainly changes the message panel, which ultimately looks like this:

At the end we look at one of the topics just to see what they look like. This is the fee required version: Now, we buy the last topic and take a look at the setup procedure. It will take you to the market where you can buy or deploy the topic, just like any other app.

As soon as the design is installed, run the Chooser themes. Again, this is not available on the open markets, but is available with CyanogenMod and other customized applications. That'?s what the Chooser looks like: Browse between your designs by moving the mouse to the right or right. As soon as you have found the one you want to use, just press Apply.

I' m not sure yet if Chroma 2.0 is the topic for me (it seemed better in the screen shots to be honest). You got a proposal for a better free Android topic?

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