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New themes to download to your Lenovo phone

Like phone cases that can give your phone a singular look, a phone topic can also give your phone a singular look and feeling. Mobile handsets are known for their greater versatility and adaptability in comparison to Apple's iPhone and iPad. iPad: On the iPad iPhone, you can modify the background images to personalize your phone, see this iPad wallpaper modification guide and the iPhone wallpaper modification step.

However, on Android mobiles you can not only modify new wallpapers, but also modify or reinstall new designs. Modifying a new design on the phone allows you to modify almost every part of the phone surface, such as font, color, icons, button and more. Today in the demonstration we will use a Lenovo phone to demonstrate how you can download, deploy, and modify new designs on Lenovo and other Android-based handsets.

Please be aware that the look and feel will vary according to your phone type, the Android one. What is the best way to download and deploy new designs to your Lenovo phone? On the home page of your Lenovo phone, tap to open preferences, select Phone preferences menu, you can see various aspect that you can adjust the phone's view, such as lightness, background image, subject, fontsize and so on.

Select the topic on this page, you will open the double tap desktops: phones. The Locally register card opens itself and lists your available topics on the phone. Tap a topic to display it in the thumbnail. If you want to modify a new design on your Lenovo phone, you can click the Apply icon at the bottom of the Thumbnail pane to quickly deploy the new design or use it on your phone.

If you want to download more designs from the web, go to the Available page and you can search and previews all types of designs for your Lenovo phone. View a thumbnail of a topic and then tap the Download or Free download buttons to download it to your phone off-line, if desired.

If a topic was download off-line, you can find it under the Locale tabs on the Desktop monitor and enable it there as a new topical topic on your Lenovo phone.

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