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Photo Gallery WordPress free theme for photo shootings, photography, portfolio, wedding photographer, videographer and other similar style of websites & others. Professional photo and video focused theme with modern design.

Photogallery Portfolio WordPress Topic

Photogallery theme WordPress photo gallery portfolios with a neat and attractive theme and inspirational brickwork and mesh galeries for the creation of photo gallery website and blogs. Quick to respond, this WordPress theme for photos features convenient gallery administration with the ability to preview layouts. Minimum WordPress theme designs have no influence on the work display and keep the gallery at a high level of workmanship.

In addition to being able to view photographs, you can also make faders and view videos for each asset in your collection. Download and download the WordPress Theme Demoversion, get it up and running in just a few easy clicks. Customer pagescustom 404, soon available, price chart, frequently asked questions, gallery portfolios example for 3-column brickwork, 4-column raster example for gallery portfolios, projects page with all elements (thumbnails, slide controls and video), raster module, movie gallery, movie gallery,

Twenty-one free photo gallery and portfolio WordPress topics

Recently I myself was looking for a free WordPress photo blog submission, and I've probably seen all the better ones, not to speak of having changed a theme for my own photo blog at least 5x. I guess many of you are also a photographer, artist, or designer looking for a beautiful and free premium-like theme for your work, so I've created this 25 Free Photo Galleries and WordPress Themes to help you.

You are also welcome to post your own results from free WordPress portfolios that I have been missing. P.S.: If one of these topics is cancelled and you can't find the topic file, just send us a note and we'll be glad to help you. The Photoria is a sleek and classy design that you can use for your photoblog or your web-site.

This is another free theme from Spirit Express in a modern-minimalist way. Impbalance is a very user-friendly, jQuery-based design that looks great under any web browsers and operating systems. A perfect match for your blogs, magazines or web portfolios. This is a free word press theme by Paul Bennett. There is a clear and easy to use lay-out with moveable "panels" that display pictures for the presentation of contributions.

The MyPhoto is my first attempt at a photo/gallery theme in word-press format. I' ve designed it to be very small and stylish in terms of size, yet still strong enough to manage a large portfolio/photography website. Comes in a dark look (light release will come sometime in the future) that will make your pictures look striking and fantastic.

MyPhoto is definitely a great choice if you want to build a gallery, photo gallery, photo web site or photo web site - for free! The Urban is a free WordPress theme by Paul Bennett inspired by the concept of displaying contributions in a time line. For use with the YAPB Fotoblog application, Reflexion is a sleek, clear and stylish design.

Blissful Blog is a WordPress 3.0 theme for the bridal blogosphere. This is a classy, minimalist photo blog theme for WordPress and totally free! AutoFocus is a derivation of Robert Ellis' Futurosity Aperio prototype and is a WordPress theme designed specifically for the photographer looking for an easy and sleek way to present their work on-line.

Its theme is easy but strong, with a hint of tradition among designs and layouts in Switzerland. It is the singular styling and styling that distinguish this theme from others. The Monolit is a basic photo blog theme built on WordPress and YAPB. It is conceived in such a way that it is minimalist and concentrates on the essential - the photo.

The Portfolios is a neat and versatile WordPress Grid-based theme that has been created in a contemporary and minimalistic way. PORTFILUM is perfect for designer, artist, photographer and other creatives who need a professionally managed theme. The Snapshot is versatile and can be used for either a photo display case, photo book, or photo album.

It is a great theme for your WordPress blogs - it is adaptable to your picture and your repulsive messages and comes with a set of practical plug-ins and tips. Shoarpfolio is a WordPress theme developed to allow web designers, graphic designers, photographers, motion designers, artists or any imaginative pro to present their work in a clear, concise and attractive way.

Again, if any of you find a theme here for your own photoblog/portfolio website, please post a short thread - we'd love to see these artwork in action!

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