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TIP: Your photos must obviously show the subject. The story will follow my changing thoughts and ideas as I begin a new photographic project aimed at exploring photography in a contemporary setting. There are 10 challenges in photography that need to be tackled

Man has always tried to record significant events. And what is the point and what is the aesthetic value of the photograph if it does not immortalize everything around us: human beings, places, civilizations? With no further introductions, we immerse ourselves in 10 provocative photo themes to take in and astound those who bear testimony. If you decide to catch its splendour or, on the other hand, its anger, it will take a little perseverance and courage.

Think about taking a picture of a living animal like a dragon or a grizzly-dog. Of course I would like to relate to the work of famous artists like Joel Sartore or Jim Richardson. Another thing I suggest is to keep an eyeball on the National Geographic Photo Contest winner. Nicole Cambre, Prashant Meswani, Henrick Nilsson, Zik Teo and Archna Singh are great photos.

The term abstraction is also used to describe photographs as non-objective or conceptually. It is a demanding photo subject, especially if you use extra photo gear, specific procedures or material. What is beautiful about taking photographs of your work is that it inspires your creative process and gives you total liberty of choice. Architecture can illuminate the essences of humankind's natural world and capture both weakness and size.

So why shouldn't this tale be recorded on tape? If you have any further suggestions, I suggest you take a look at Alison McCauley's photo project Esta Caendo, taken in Old and Central Havana. Photographing almost a hundred different houses to see what lived in the "crumbling size of the Havana buildings". Conversely, if you want to give more colour to your project topic, I am sure you will find these fine samples of still life as an outstanding inspirational work.

There are so many layers this photo subject can affect you. A portrait can arouse many feelings in the observer and the fotographer. It' s not possible for further inspirations not to say that there is one of my favourite photographer's work. Leo Jeffries' "Lost Angels" combines strong and emotive portrayals of street urchins from all over the globe.

The photo motif gives you the possibility either to investigate the history of an otherwise trivial item or to write a history about it. Capturing icons and capturing a metaphor can be the most tricky photo subject you can follow in your work because they are hard to grasp and can mean different things to different individuals.

That'?s the nice thing about such a project! When it comes to photographing, everything revolves around perceptions and perspectives. Presenting your museum can be a tricky photo subject as it will reveal more about what's behind the shutter than what's in front of it, as it normally does. However, this photo topic can let your audience know more about who you are and at the same times inspire the creative work of other photo artists.

Frequently confused with documental photograph, this appealing photographical alcove can be a true challenging one. Road shooters record ephemeral scenes as well as hard reality around us. However, this does not mean that your photos should only show squalor, destitution or catastrophes. Instant shots of a kid laughing or older pairs keeping hand would make for amazing road photo opportunities.

For those of you who are interested in road photographing, I suggest you take a look at the Vivo Photo Collective's work. Pressing a large number of humans into the most confined space may seem like it's being subtracted from a dystopic futures, but it's happening everywhere. Wherever human beings are living, they are motivated by the same things: the opportunity for a better living, families, hope, dreaming.

So why not capture all these facets on video and travel to some of the most demanding places in the globe at the same time? Perhaps you'll find another "Heidelberg" place out there, an Outdoor Arts Project launched in Detroit to turn a neighbourhood where locals were scared to go to a place where they were welcome.

The proverb says that a photo is a thousand words, but we all know how hard it is to sometimes adapt a photo to our will. Although it contains no words either verbal or in writing, only breathtaking images have the strength to catch emotion and tell a story. Whichever of the provocative photo themes you select for a project, the mystery is to stay faithful to yourself.

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