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slideshow photo themes

Slideshows can be made to look unique in a number of ways: distinctive photos, picturesque transition effects and, of course, a variety of slideshow themes. Free slide show maker for Windows and Mac with professional themes. Simply select the photos and music you like. Select a group of photos, then add text, select a theme, add music, and control how long each slide is displayed. On this page, you'll learn how to add and remove transition effects, add album themes, add and remove DVD menu templates, and create more DVD menu templates for your photo slideshow.

Create slide shows in photos

I used to do a number of iPhoto slide shows at one point. Photo has eight different slideshow themes , and if you're the guy who wants your slide shows exactly that way, you have plenty of leverage to precisely manage how your slideshow will behave. The Vintage Prints topic can be my favourite slideshow topic for photo.

Selects a group of pictures and chooses File > Create Slideshow. Name your slideshow and click OK. The slideshow editors that open let you organise your pictures, pick a topic and background track, and decide how long your slideshow will last, what I'll describe next. Right-click the Picker Topic icon and then click a name.

Rearrange the pictures in all themes, but some themes are even more manageable. Although the themes come with standard soundtracks, you can overwrite this choice and select one or even many songs from your iTunes Library that you can playback during your slide show. Click the Browse buttons to view the Browse for Browse buttons.

In the Selected Slideshow section, at ?, you'll find a list of the songs that will be played with your slideshow. In order to get a pre-view of the song, move the mouse pointer over a song and click the playback icon that will appear to the right of the song name. In order to remove a song, click the Remove Buttons. Select a song list from the Slideshow Builder.

If you find a song you want to append, click it and it will appear in Selected songs. In Selected Music you can move songs until you get the desired order. You can click the Last button to specify how long you want your slideshow to run. If you can select a certain length of stay or select Fit to Music, in this case the length of your slideshow is the length of stay of the selected music.

In general, the length of each foil in your presentations is defined by the number of foils and the length of the presentations. However, if you use the Ken Burns topic, you can specify the length of each slideshow. In order to view a full-screen slideshow from the photos, click the play pushbutton below the slideshow thumbnail in the slideshow editors.

While a slideshow is being played, you can use a slider that floats to adjust the sound level, scroll forward and backward between slides, and exit. 17 This joystick will appear when you watch a slideshow in photos. Or you can have a slideshow as an MPEG-4 movie exported to your computer for playback on an iPad, iPod touch, or to a shared services site such as YouTube or Vimeo:

Press the Export pushbutton in the upper-right hand part of the slide show editors. You can select the size of your slide show film in the Export dialogue box. Rename the name of the filename and select the directory where you want to store it. Select the desired number of pixels (480p, 720p, or 1080p) to use.

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