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Have you ever heard of a photo project? Selecting photo themes before shooting is a sure way to improve both your skills and your portfolio. Every month we offer a funny new theme. Check out these monthly photo contest themes below.

Top 10 fun themes to start your iPhone photography.

Are you having trouble finding interesting motifs to take pictures with your iPhone? Did you try a 365 photo shoot but couldn't find out what to shoot every single night? You' re plugged into a trail of creativity, always rotating the same type of scenes and manipulating your photographs in the same way?

Be sure to try using "photo prompts" so that you can be more imaginative with your images on certain topics. We' re suggesting ten funny and interesting topics in this guide to help you get inspired with iPhone photo and image processing. Photographic challenges like a 365 photos a Day or even a 30 days photo challenges help you improve your iPhone photographic abilities, increase your self-esteem, create a photo library, and give plenty of opportunity to practise.

Many novice iPhone Photographers, however, miss the sense and inspirations and can quickly find themselves feeling overtaxed when they start their first photo work. If you are not participating in a particular type of work, often ask yourself what you should photograph. When I tried my first photo shoot, I was completely new to the world of photography. What was it?

Trying to take a photo every single night, I usually just walked around the building trying to find something interesting to photograph. The use of photographical instructions or themes gave me purposes and directions. The easiest instructions will encourage you to look at common motifs in a way that is truly original and improve your photographer's eyes.

Is there a command line for a photo? An invitation to take a photo is a words or phrases that inspire a photo. Usually the term is used as a topic and you can arbitrarily interprete the topic. It is the aim of the prompting to give you an idea that will support your photo shooting experience.

But one of the most thrilling things about using a photo prompter is that it promotes a fun paper chase that will make you more alert and train your photographer's eyes as you try to find photo options that work. Experienced iPhone enthusiasts will find that working with photo input requests brings new inspiration when you're in a crisis of creativity.

They can also use these prompt to re-visit old photographs and do something new with them during post-processing. Instead of taking another photo of a growing plant, for example, you can find your favourite plant photo and take it to new levels with photo edit applications. So let's take a look at ten easy photograph prompts/topics to start your iPhone photograph and get you out of this gap.

Have you ever thought about taking pictures of her? Consider where you might see tags in unanticipated places and how you can make your tag photo more effective. I noticed this quotation on the fa├žade of a house, for example, and I knew that I wanted to take a picture of it.

However, I was waiting for someone to come by because the shot of a character in the photo told a more convincing tale. I have been taking photos of tree life since the beginning of my iPhone photograph trip two years ago. There are so many ways they can be captured, from the outlines of naked twigs to the colourful foliage on the floor.

The thing that makes woods perfect is that they look different all year round. They can photograph the same Christmas-tree for one year and record its transition through every time of year. iPhone shooter Mark Hirsch had the invention. He' s the writer of That Tree: A photojournal for iPhone that documents a year in the life of a lonely Bur Oak.

There are many great tree photographs to be found in this work. There are so many things with bikes that you will come across when you are leaving the home, and they are great photographic motifs. Think about how you can take pictures of parts of the car to make the whole thing visible.

Take a picture, for example, of the handlebar, a seat belt or a fender. Take pictures of both standing and driving cars. The Burst function is great for capturing motion - just press and hold the trigger as the car passes through the bezel and choose the best one. Enhance your photo processing skills by using these everyday objects to create something special.

On the photo above I took a picture of the bikes of a semi-trailer and created a colourful picture with the Decim8-Applet. You' ll find hundreds of photo applications in the Apple Store, and the things you can do with them are unbelievable. This makes the number of photo applications out there stunning, and it's really difficult to know which ones are really good to buy.

That' s why we have prepared this free review that includes the 7 best iPhone photo applications that you should use right away. The first time I worked with this command line, I went into town to take photographs of the architectural design. You don't have to stay in or around a town to take great pictures of a building.

Buldings are everywhere and you will always find interesting functions that you can take pictures of as soon as you begin to search. There are also interesting themes such as church life, old barn houses and deserted houses. Don't restrict your pictures to the outside of the house. Come in and find something inviting to take pictures, like this colored glas pane in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A further possibility is to take a photo of a rather simple structure and to design it convincingly with the help of picture processing technologies. With the Superimpose application in the picture above I modified the front of the house and faded in a photo of some buildings. Work with this photo query will help you comprehend how you can take photographs in different kinds of lights, which is the most important aspects of photographing.

Many of my early photographs had my own shade overshadowing the motif. Locating and taking photographs of reflections will help you better comprehend the position and orientation of the lighting and how they affect the depth and depth of the reflections. If you' re taking pictures on a bright summer morning, look for interesting shade and try to keep it in your pictures.

Guiding strokes are visible clues that guide the eyes through the photo. Guide is a great way to add deepness to your iPhone photographs as the convergent line creates a feeling of separation. You can also enhance your photo compositions by giving the observer the feeling that they are in the photo.

It' easily recognisable to see guiding routes in paths and streets, but it is a challenging task to find them in other places such as architectural buildings, coastlines and phone wards. Because photos are two-dimensional, the tactile feel gives them a feeling of 3-D comprehensiveness. Structures are an integral part of the photograph because they give every photo dramatic quality and interest.

In order to make great photographs of your surroundings, you need to be able to take pictures of the detail, which usually means that you are getting nearer. On the photo above I put the iPhone on the rail of this angling bar to catch the surface structure of the decayed timber. Also, you can practise texturing your photographs in post-production with photo edit applications such as Mextures and Distressed FX.

Playing with the intensities of different types of texts to make a stunning photograph. Eating can be a frightening reaction because it is hard to make foods look appetising on photographs. How can you make your pictures more attractive? You will get a more lifelike grocery colour if you photograph in real time.

Go from taking simple pictures of your next meal on your next platter. My favourite place to take pictures of groceries is at the farmers' supermarket because the products always look so cool and provide a lively photo. It' s my pleasure to use dummy head like the one in the photo above, but you can also take a picture of dummies while strolling around.

At first I began to photograph the dummies at my beauty center and saw how they could look like after the image processing work. Using a few photo processing programs I was able to give the doll above the doll a colourful, new person. If you' re walking around with your iPhone, keep your eye open and look in all direction for your next great recording.

Discover areas you wouldn't normally go to, and you'll likely come across interesting deserted and lost items that are great photo themes. Hopefully these ten photographic instructions will lead you to start your next photographic venture, or help you free yourself from the trace of the photograph you are in.

As soon as you begin to use these proposed prompt, you will be able to think up your own themes so that you never run out of photo themes. They can also find interesting prompt suggestions and topics with applications like PINGO Challenge. In addition, there are many current photo online quests that deliver everyday and weekly photo inspiration.

Fifty-two Photos Project, Fat Mum Slim, Photochallenge. org, The Daily Post, Capture Your 365 and the Instagram JJ Community (see our Kevin Kuster from the JJ Community interview). I' m also running my own 30-day photo project, which is a free self-study course developed specifically for those new to iPhone shooting.

It should be a general photographical task that evolves from relatively easy motifs to more abstracted ones.

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