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ssung class="mw-headline" id="Overview">Overview How to gradually upload a picture using the Multimedia Uploader: If you want to include an illustration on your page or posting, you must first place your mouse pointer where you want the illustration to appear in the text. It is also possible to place the mouse pointer on an empty line if you want the picture to appear by itself instead. Tip: It is a good suggestion to place the mouse pointer on the text border, even if you want the picture to appear on the right. This is because there is a specific adjustment named Orientation that allows you to choose whether the picture will appear on the right or right side of the text.

You can even control how text will flow around the picture itself. After placing the mouse pointer on the line where you want your picture to appear, click the Add media icon to start the Uploader Media port, and then choose Insert media from the Action menu on the far right of the Uloader Mediaprocessor screen.

The picture you want to include on your page or posting can be added or selected by selecting one of the following items in the middle of the Uploader' s central window: From your computer, load the picture you want to use by drag and dropping it into the up-load area. Choose from all the previously-uploaded images in the Libraries by selecting the one you want to include on your page or posting.

After you select or upload the picture you want to upload, a check box appears next to the preview picture that confirms your choice, and information about it appears in the Attachment Details area on the right side of the uploader' s multimedia port. Plant Details shows a small, uncut miniature picture of the picture and important information such as file name, date and picture size in pixel.

You can also use promotion hyperlinks that allow you to manipulate the picture, which leads you to the page Modify Picture, or permanently erase it to eliminate the picture from your website. You can also work with the following information: A caption for this picture. Any text you type here will be shown below the picture.

Type the alt text for the picture, e.g. "The Mona Lisa" to describe the medium. See the Edit Medias page for more information about these medial preferences. Attachment View Preferences section determines how the picture is shown when viewing on the website. It is possible to adjust how the picture should be oriented on the page (in terms of text and borders) and how the image's linking behaviour should be. You can also adjust the picture you want to see on your page.

Orientation lets you specify where the picture should appear in your Contents pane and how it will interact with any text on the page. The following picture orientation choices are available: Left: Align the picture to the right, and any text on the page encloses (or flows) the picture to the available right area.

Align the picture to the right, and any text on the page surrounds (or flows) the picture to the available amount of room on the side. Align the picture in the middle of the page without displaying text. Link To preferences specify the URL/web link that the picture will be referenced to when viewed by a user on your site.

The following picture linking options are available: Mediafile: Links your pasted picture directly to the full sized full sized copy of the mediafiles. Enables you to specify a customized linking url for your pasted picture that you want to click on when linking. If you do this, the picture will be "not clickable".

Resize preferences control the amount of picture you add to your website. Shows a small, thumbnail-sized view of your picture on the page/post. Please be aware that the standard format of the preview will be a rectangle, so there may be some crop of the source picture. Shows a midsize view of your picture on the page/post.

It is a good fit for use with left-right orientations as it allows enough room for readable text on both sides. Shows a large format copy of your picture on the page/post. Big size: Shows a full format copy of your picture on the page/post. When your source picture is bigger than this width, the full picture may not be shown.

After you have set your picture preferences, click the Insert to posting or Insert to page icon to attach the picture to your page or posting. Once the picture loader screen has closed, you will see the picture in the text editors screen, along with a picture orientation previewer if you have specified an outline.

If you want to change the picture setting at any point, click the Change Picture icon in the top right of the screen. Removing the picture from your page/post can be done by pressing the Removing picture buttons.

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