For more information about our WordPress theme for photographers, or to purchase one, visit our website at Show less. Photocrati is an all-in-one photography framework designed for photographers to present their personal and professional portfolios online. I wonder whether one of the art fair photographers in particular used it (or used it).


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@ciaranhan- What do you use to "create a new gallery"? An answer to the show related gallery when opening distorted images was published. An answer to the show related gallery when opening distorted images was published. @njali909- Do you use the latest version of NextGEN Galerie? An answer to the show related gallery when opening distorted images was published.

organ forums: An answer to the show related gallery when opening distorted images was published. Have you published an answer to the Create Mini Views directly on the full sized photo links? Post an answer to the track ad in the slide show?

Frequently Asked Question - Part 1

However, as anticipated, we received inquiries from new and NextGEN Gallery and Photocrati clients. As we know, a photographer is not used to having to buy one subject and then buy another. These are topics that need a different topic to work. Genesis is the subject in this case. I would only need the topics if I already have NextGEN Pro, wouldn't I?

Right, but of course the theme doesn't need a plugin. There will be Photocrati for a long while to come, and we will have committed members of our team at our disposal for the near-term. We' re gonna keep selling it. Last thing we wanted to do with Photocrati was to replace the built-in galleriesystem with NextGEN Galleries, which we did with Photocrati Pro.

Therefore all enhancements to the Galerie will now be done via NextGEN Galerie and not via topics. This all means, if you like Photocrati, you can stay one or two years and still get our help and so on. Those of us who have had Photocrati for less than 30 nights, can we get a loan to change?

Otherwise, the contents inclusive of blogs postings, pages and NextGEN galleries will not be affected by a thematic shift. This is a Contents modification where you can see the chime back and forth. Of course, all your regular pages and postings will be preserved when you switch topics. But there is one remarkable exemption from "Content is never influenced by ever-shifting topics.

" When you have arteries that use the built-in Photocrati art system, they are NOT displayed when you switch topics. The NextGEN galeries will be ok as they are separated from the topic. However, because Photocrati galeries are part of the subject, you loose them when you switch the subject - and that's why we chose to remove Photocrati from using the built-in galeries.

The Photocrati is very optional - many faces and clock faces. However, if you want to have all the oportunities to adjust the look, you should stay with Photocrati for now. Shall I migrate from the Photocrati Galleriesystem to NextGEN Galerie? Photocrati-Galeries will stop the advertisement, if you go back to Photocrati, they will come back immediately.

To use Photocrati's built-in gallery and switch topics, you should have your Photocrati gallery converted to NGEN gallery before switching topics.

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