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The Photocrati is an all-in-one photography framework designed for photographers to present their personal and professional portfolios online. This is a super theme that requires no programming or additional design work. Photokrati Fotografie WordPress Theme Frameworks The Photocrati is an all-in-one photographic frame designed for the photographer to present their own individual and professionally designed portfolio on-line. The Photocrati is not only a WordPress topic - it is a frame. There are 15 WordPress topics with photographs and countless functions, all combined in one package.

There are currently 15 different photo topics to select from.

In addition, a selection of 60 homepage layout, 4 homepage galery style and 5 galery layout is available. You can also make an infinite number of postings and pages to make sure you publish every single photograph on your site. Photocrati even has ecommerce opportunities for you with this all-in-one theme frame.

PayPal, tax, shipment and processing capabilities have been integrated into the overall PayPal experience. Photocrati topics are all adaptable, including great galleries administration, beautiful blog posts and all the other great functions below. Watch the videos to get a fast impression of Photocrati:

WorldPress Theme for Photographers - Photocrati Theme Review

Whether you are a pro or an emerging filmmaker, you are probably already under the pressure of setting up a high end website. This means, unless you are not interested in having a single point of contact for your work/career as a photographer. Well, if that's the case, then I'm sure you'll be able to handle free of charge features like Flickr, Facebook,,,,, etc.

But if you are like most of the photographers, I know who is trying to earn a life from their trade, then there are some great benefits to having a website with more than minimum features and adjustment. To be a great shot doesn't mean you're great at creating web sites. When you try to use a self-hosted WordPress. org website, then you are at least taking a big leap in the right direction. What you are trying to do is to make a big mistake.

Hosting your own WordPress site can give you a high-performance tool that's fast and simple to deploy, especially if you take full benefit of the premier topics built for the WordPress platforms. But not all topics are the same. Sometimes, even top-of-the-line topics that feature photo and portfolios pages can demand fundamental programming and designing capabilities to make them look the best for your market.

Where this is not an option, what you may need is a supertopic. New Photocrati 4 release. This is a great theme that does not require any programming or additional designing. This theme allows you to work in a few moments with not only a great looking web site but also a full site with lots of galleries, a blogs and even a trolley that allows users to buy deductions or buy your service directly from your site!

lf this seems as fantastic to you as it does to me, you'll want to continue reading when l show you what's behind the scenes when the Photocrati Supertopic is on WordPress. Obviously, the first stage in the installation of this theme is the purchase via the Photocrati website.

Starting at $89, once you make your buy, they will provide you with directions on how to get the zip file needed to upload your new design to WordPress. If you have the zip file, go to your WordPress administrator > Appearance> Themes > New Add > Upload and reinstall the zip file.

It has a gray field next to it and reads topic options. Quick- Setup page is a really great function that makes the Photocrati theme really user-friendly. In a few moments I could go through their fundamental moves here, load up some pictures and go booming - I had a new website for photographers.

More than enough opportunities to keep you occupied for a while and make sure it looks just right. You will see the next page under your new side bar meal, named Select Theme. In this section, you can select a finished item from a large collection of theme themes.

Any of these topics can be used unchanged or just as a point of departure for your own website. This page allows you to automatically generate all the essential pages you need with one click - Home, Galleries, About, Blog and Contact. Another thing I like here that they provide is the possibility to select a theme, make adjustments and then store those adjustments as a pattern to come back to later.

The Select Topic section lets you select a theme for a topic. You can make the theme your own in the Customize section. You can see in the following pictures that the possibilities are endless and do not need any programming! By continuing with the sublink Gallery Settings in your new Sidebar menu, you can create the gallery and album experience on your website up to a millisecond of slide transitions.

This is another good excuse why this topic is referred to as the supertopic. In the eCommerce settings of the Photocrati theme, you can set your new website to be linked to PayPal and set up to 20 different printing sizes/price settings. In addition, a variety of shop and retail checks give you full command of the look and feel of your website's buying experiences.

Lastly, we have the last two parts of the new Theme Options menu: More options and help & help. In More Options, you can enter the Google Analytics tracker needed, manage your style dynamics, and even play around with your own customized styles. In the Help & Support section you will of course get the most important e-mails and Photocrati supports fora.

Now you have seen what the new Photocrati theme looks like as a site administrator, but what about it as a site user? Below are some samples of demonstration pages that have been built with the Photocrati theme. All in all, I have noticed that the Photocrati Super Theme does justice to its name. I am really amazed at the amount of scrutiny this topic gives a photographer who may not have programming or web site creation/design expertise.

And I think it's perfect for a photographer or even other type of fine artist who needs a one-stop shop for their Internet work. Photocrati eCommerce functions complete this topic beyond a simple folder or blogs to become a complete commercial product.

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