Browse our PhotoDune review for contributors. Explore the photographs that turned our minds. Explore the pictures that turned our minds. Our staff will examine all the latest pictures taken by our professionals individually. Any pictures you need.

Do you know your pictures? We devote this room every weekend to one of the many outstanding photo professionals who check all our boxes: nice pictures popular with our customers, a range that loves to look at, consistently high and more.

You want to become a Photoshop masters? Maybe you just want to adjust the picture you just purchased......

The process begins with a dossier presentation.

Our PhotoDune is our market place for convincing photographs. The process begins with a dossier presentation. In order to make this easier, we ask all future writers to provide a varied collection of their best contributions for consideration. Once you' re accepted, you will be asked to join our author base and begin to upload your articles. It is not every picture or photograph that is suitable for PhotoDune.

Review your assets:

Describes how to prepare your files for transfer to PhotoDune. If you need help with our online download procedure - including formatting your filing name, tag and description - read our download guidelines. Ensure that you have the right to resell your photos as part of a sale. Information on models and ownership releases can be found here.

When you use the Web upload procedure, make sure that your models and properties sharing file are stored in a separate ziped directory. When using FTP up-load, you should not compress your data. Verify that your titles, descriptions and tag information meet our standard formats. The article titles and descriptions must describe your article and your items exactly.

Remember that the cover should always look meaningful, succinct and professionally. "WordPress Template" - Obey the industrial standards even if they do not comply with the usual capitalisation regulations. "Apple-like Design" - Don't describe what your article looks like in the cover, describe what it actually is. You must describe in detail all the items, parts and uses of your work.

Please insert a max. of 50 tag describing your product. Tag should be written in lower case, hyphenated by a comma, correct (according to English Standard ), and refer to your paper and its uses. Hint: Tag can be more than one world. You can find more hints on how to use your tag effectively in this section.

Upgrade your PhotoDune file! When submitting more than five photographs, we suggest using our FTP uplink service. You can find detailled information about this procedure here. When you are planning to enter five or less photographs, you should consider the web submission procedure. Do I need a model or property release?

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